“Did you miss me?!” Constantine on Arrow S4 Ep.5!! Recap!!



Sarah has been on a killing spree since she escaped. Laurel finds her at a night club and tries to stop her only to overpowered. Green Arrow and Speedy arrive to save Laurel and discover that Sarah is alive. Back at the base, Oliver confronts Laurel and Thea about her. Lance arrives and has Felicity examine a device that has contains a dangerous computer virus. Thea is attacked by Sarah at her apartment but she manages to escape. Diggle and Lance head to the place Darhk told Lance about and install the drive. At the hospital, Thea is attacked again by Sarah until she is driven away by Oliver and Laurel. Meanwhile, Lance returns to Darhk and asks him about Andrew Diggle. Darhk tells him that Andrew was killed because he was involved in drug racketeering. At their old club, Thea is used to draw Sarah out again. Oliver uses a tranquilizer arrow to knock Sarah out. He then makes a phone call. John Constantine arrives and uses black magic to transport Oliver and Laurel to the plane where Sarah’s soul is being held and they manage to free her, returning her soul to her body. Constantine leaves but not without warning Oliver about Damien Darhk. Afterward, Lance hands Diggle classified information about his brother Andrew.


To have Constantine on Arrow is a welcome sight. It is amazing how well he fits into the series. There were some concerns about how the underrated Practitioner of the Dark Arts would work in the ‘Arrowverse’ but those concerns have waned. His off-beat attitude did not seem out of place and it made the episode more interesting and entertaining. In flashbacks, Constantine met Oliver on the island when Oliver was dropped off by Amanda Waller. Constantine, who escapes after being captured by the men Oliver is spying on, takes Oliver with him since he knows the locations on the map. They come to an understanding of one another with John offering to help Oliver should he need it. Sarah was brought back to life without a soul so Oliver calls the one man who is an expert. Constantine enters the scene and immediately everyone less than impressed. Constantine’s attitude and methods are unorthodox which makes it hard for Diggle and Felicity to believe that he is the real deal. Guess no one ever told them looks can be deceiving. But Constantine does prove himself to be the real deal by restoring Sarah’s soul. With all of this, hopefully the folks at CW consider picking him up and giving John Constantine far better treatment than those monkeys at NBC.

Sometimes the truth hurts. John Diggle believed his brother to be a good soldier who was wrongfully killed by H.I.V.E. But Quentin Lance brings him information that his brother wasn’t so squeaky clean. Turns out that Andrew got mixed up with some seriously bad stuff that H.I.V.E. didn’t like and hired Deadshot to kill him. Oh and Andy-boy was involved with H.I.V.E. Diggle has taken a lot of punches but this is one blow that is going to take him awhile to recover from.

And no surprise at all, Ray Palmer is alive and well and being held captive by Damien Darhk. Also, he’s small. Green Arrow and the rest of the team must race to rescue him. Find out how next week!

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