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Tom Ellis will appear as Lucifer Morningstar in “Crisis” crossover!!

The devil is coming down to CW! According to a report from Canadagraph, Tom Ellis may be appearing as Lucifer Morningstar in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. He was seen on set dressed as Lucifer filming a scene with David Ramsay, Katherine McNamara and Matt Ryan. While is known that Lucider is a …

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Constantine is back in new animated series!!

Master of the dark arts and demonologist John Constantine returns in a new animated series on CW SEED! City of Demons follows his exploits as he fights the devils and the other evils of Hell. Watch as Constantine star Matt Ryan explains the new series. Constantin: City of Demons premieres on CW SEED March 24!

Constantine joins DC Nation on the CW!!

After his show was dropped from NBC, Constantine’s fate hung in the abyss. Thankfully, the new DC Nation, aka the CW, is bringing him back as an animated series. The series will pick up where the first season ended on NBC. Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine, a British occult investigator who …

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“Did you miss me?!” Constantine on Arrow S4 Ep.5!! Recap!!

CAREFUL OF THOSE SPOILERS THERE, MATE!! Sarah has been on a killing spree since she escaped. Laurel finds her at a night club and tries to stop her only to overpowered. Green Arrow and Speedy arrive to save Laurel and discover that Sarah is alive. Back at the base, Oliver confronts Laurel and Thea about …

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Contantine to make a stop in Starling City!! Is this his return?!

Constantine fans have been wondering about the fate of the loved occult hero since NBC cancelled the “Constantine” series after thirteen episodes. Well, wonder no more. It has been confirmed that Constantine will appear in an episode of Arrow this season. Matt Ryan will reprise his role as he helps resurrect Sarah Lance. So does …

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What is Constantine’s Fate?! Season 1 Finale Recap!!

WATCH OUT FOR SPOILERS, MATE!! Voodoo king Papa Midnite puts a price in Constantine’s head. With help from Jim Corrigan, Constantine and Zed investigate the disappearances of several young girls. They visit the mother of one of the girls. Zed is having trouble using her ability to find the girl. John uses an unorthodox method …

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What is “Constantine’s” future on NBC?! Midseason Recap!!

SPOILERS AHEAD!! Darkness is rising and there is only one man who can stop it. Whether he wants to or not. He is John Constantine, investigator of the paranormal and practitioner of the Black Arts. “Constantine” is based on DC’s “Hell Blazer” comic series. Unlike the other DC television series, John does not deal with …

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Wolf of Wall Street actress to portray Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad”!!

Excited?! I know you are. The film adaption of the Suicide Squad is tapping into some big names. Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, and Jesse Eisenberg are currently close to being signed to the project with Jared Leto being courted into playing the Joker. Margot Robbie has been confirmed to play Harley Quinn in …

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