Jewel of Denial!! Sleepy Hollow S3 Ep.7 Recap!!



Nevins finds Pandora’s box and summons three creatures from it. Jenny and Joe Corbin are training when Jenny suddenly attacks Joe aggressively. Joe sees that Jenny’s skin is glowing. They see Abbie and Crane. Crane tells Jenny that she absorbed the jewel but its power may kill her. While they figure out a way to help Jenny, the creatures attack them. Jenny fights one off, giving everyone a chance to escape to the archives. Crane discovers that the creatures that attacked them are Norse Berserkers. While searching for a way to stop them, Jenny goes into a trance and conveys a message from a dark entity. Crane and Joe search for the Berserkers and find them hiding in a car repair garage. They soon find and engage them but their arrows are ineffective and they are forced to flee. Crane meets with Abbie at the archives and requests that he searches Nevins’ home for the spell used to summon the Berserkers. Abbie is apprehensive at first but then she arranges it so that FBI agents watching Nevins’ place are away while Crane sneaks inside and find a paper with the spell written on it. As he exits, Crane has a brief run in with Sophie before returning to the archives. Crane learns that the spell has been altered and he comes up with a way that cold defeat the Berserkers. Using vials of Jenny’s blood taken by Joe, they force the Berserkers to turn on themselves leading to their mutual deaths. Crane, Abbie, and Joe are on their way back to Jenny when they run into Nevins, who threatens to kill Joe if Crane and Abbie don’t hand over Jenny, and Sophie, who reveals herself to be an FBI agent and arrests Nevins. Abbie, Crane and Joe rush to the Mason cell to discover that Jenny is missing. She is at the Divine Tree and uses the jewel’s power to summon Pandora and another person wielding a sickle.


Now things are getting interesting in this season of Sleepy Hollow. Last week, Jenny absorbed the Shard of Anubis and has, in a literal sense, become the shard. Creatures are sent after her to collect her. These unrelenting beast are from the Norse mythology about Berserkers. Berserkers are warriors who fight uncontrollably while in a trance like state. they are beaten by when blood from Jenny is used to make them fight each other. Crane can thank Daniel Boone, yes the legendary frontier’s man, for this little tip. According to Crane, Boone used this tactic to turn the British and the Hessians on each other, which coincides with the actual fact that Boone was a militia soldier during the Revolutionary War. And since his fictional accounts outweigh his actual life, Daniel Boone is the perfect addition to Crane’s life and the supernatural world of Sleepy Hollow. A world that Abbie Mills has tried to keep separate from her life as an FBI agent. When she was a part of the Sleepy Hollow Sheriff Department, it wasn’t so worrisome. But the feds are lot harder to convince about the supernatural. Or are they? The man who Jenny and Joe got the shard back from is currently being investigated by the FBI. Nevins’ accomplice reveals herself to be an FBI agent who went undercover to get close to Nevins. Sophie, the undercover FBI agent, knows about the shard and quite possibly what it does. She also tells Abbie that Daniel Reynolds is heading the investigation. Now the question is raised about how much Reynolds knows and is he also involved in the secret war against the forces of darkness. Earlier in the season, Sophie admitted to knowing August Corbin. Question now is does Reynolds?