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‘Supernatural’ and ‘Walking Dead’ directors to helm Netflix Resident Evil series!!

Here there, J1 fans! Netflix has just dropped the ball that there is a Resident Evil series in the works. After a string of successful films, Capcom’s survival horror series is headed to the small screen. Supernatural co-showrunner Andrew Dabb will oversee the eight-episode project as executive producer with Walking Dead writer Bronwen Hughes directing …

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NEW Death Stranding trailer is super creepy!!

Hideo Kojima really wants to make us look over our shoulders while we play his latest action title. This new trailer for Death Stranding is even creepier and darker than the reveal at E3 2016. The visuals are incredible and no attention to detail was spared. From the characters to the background to the dark …

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Black Tribbles²: DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING @10pm EST

Last week’s mid-season opener was 112 gallons of chocolate pudding heaven; WHAT’s NEXT? Find out Sunday 9pm EST on The Walking Dead, then dig deep on Black Tribbles² 10pm EST on 900AM WURD (and Dead Tribbles Talking mid-season opener will be dropping soon too!) LISTEN LIVE: www.900amwurd.com

Black Tribbles² talk The Walking Dead mid-season premier TONIGHT @ 10pm EST

Season 4 of The Walking Dead returns on Sunday February 9th on AMC-tv which means that, immediately afterwards on 900AM WURD, there will be a whole lot of DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING on Black Tribbles² 10p EST! LISTEN LIVE: www.900amwurd.com

Black Tribbles²talk The Walking Dead mid-season finale

Watch The Walking Dead mid-season finale on Sunday Dec 1st @ 9pm on AMC-tv then switch immediately to Black Tribbles² for the mid-season wrap-up on DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING on Philly radio 900AM WURD and www.900amWURD.com TONIGHT @ 10pm EST 

Black Tribbles² talk The Walking Dead tonight @10pm EST.

Watch The Walking Dead tonight @ 9p on AMC then immediately tune your Philly radios or internet tuners to www.900amWURD.com for some DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING on Black Tribbles² 10pm EST. DO IT!!! Make it so.

Listen in, and call in to talk The Walking Dead on Black Tribbles² @ 10pmEST

Check out the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead TONIGHT @ 9pm EST so you can be well informed to join the review, talkback and plot ponderings of DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING on Black Tribbles² LIVE 10PM on 900AM WURD www.900amWURD.com