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Black Tribbles: TOP 10 GREATEST DISCOVERIES OF ALL-TIME July 10th @ 9pmEST

Off the top, we’re spotting you Fire, the Wheel and Electricity! So, besides those, name THE TOP TEN GREATEST DISCOVERIES OF ALL-TIME all part of the Top Ten Summer of 2014 on BLACK TRIBBLES, Thursday 9pm EST LIVE on www.gtownradio.com; and immediately followed by 1999’s THE SIRENS OF TIME starring the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors, inside …

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Black Tribbles²: The Boondocks debate TONIGHT @ 10pm EST

Sunday on Black Tribbles² we dig into the deep with returning guest Dr. Sheena C Howard as we hold up THE BOONDOCKS comic strip and cartoon series to see which represents and which one is frontin’ – 10pm EST Dec 15th on 900AM WURD – On Air, Online and In the Community!  5,809 total views

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Black Tribbles Prime: Favorite CARTOON of the 80s TONIGHT @ 9pm EST

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE CARTOON OF THE 80s? We run through them all Thursday Dec 5th 9pm EST on Black Tribbles Prime on www.GTOWNRADIO.com CALL IN at 215-609-4301 and give us your   1,872 total views

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Black Tribbles Prime: WOULD YOU HAVE KISSED GLEN? Tonight 9pm EST

This week on Black Tribbles Prime we address some very interesting and fun questions that have perplexed the blogosphere in the past few weeks including “WOULD YOU HAVE KISSED GLEN, BLOODY WITH FLU, AT THE END OF THE WALKING DEAD?”; special guests Ms Joshi & Trevor of G-town Radio’s Lesbe Real Radio Talk…Thursday 9p EST on www.GTOWNRADIO.com  1,911 total views, …

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Black Tribbles Prime: TOP 10 BEST BLACK FILMS OF ALL-TIME!

The Black Tribbles welcome celebrity lawyer DEB RAINEY and her crew from G-town Radio’s FOR THE PEOPLE to act as judge and jury over what will come to be known as G-town Radio’s OFFICIAL LIST OF THE TOP TEN ABSOLUTELY BEST BLACK FILMS OF ALL-TIME! Make YOUR choice count and tune in to call in …

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Listen in, and call in to talk The Walking Dead on Black Tribbles² @ 10pmEST

Check out the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead TONIGHT @ 9pm EST so you can be well informed to join the review, talkback and plot ponderings of DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING on Black Tribbles² LIVE 10PM on 900AM WURD www.900amWURD.com  4,298 total views,  2 views today

 4,298 total views,  2 views today

Pre-Order your Black Tribbles T-Shirts while they last!

The radio sensation known to geek culture as the Black Tribbles are teaming up with Black Action Tees, to create the ultimate nerd-centric AND extraordinarily stylish series of shirts! Join the Tribble Nation!! IT’S OFFICIAL!!! Get your Black Tribbles Tees from Black Action Tees! TOP QUALITY!!! SIX BANGIN’ DESIGNS!!! MEN AND WOMEN…ALL SIZES!!! GET YOURS …

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Black Tribbles² radio: Top 10 CHARACTERS OF SCI-FI TV. TONIGHT @ 10pmEST

Black Tribbles² presents THE TOP TEN CHARACTERS OF SCI-FI TV, Sunday Aug 18th 10PM EST on 900am WURD on Philly radio dials and www.900amWURD.com worldwide!    4,852 total views

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Black Tribbles present THE TOP TEN BEST AND WORST SUPERSUITS, plus the sexy & the lame; ANd we take a peek into the world of cosplay with Christine Churchwell aka “Nymphemesis” – Thursday July 18th 9pm EST LIVE on www.GTOWNRADIO.com – The Sound From Germantown!  3,149 total views

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J1 Studios Interview: America’s Greatest Otaku, Christopher Wanamaker.

  Winner of Tokyopop’s America’s Greatest Otaku Voted America’s Greatest Otaku Fan Favorite Christopher Wanamaker 1. It’s been about two years since you were declared America’s Greatest Otaku.  What have you been up to since then? I have been interviewed on two public access Television  shows The Nova Comic Book show and the Bannister Banter …

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