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Enter the madness of Netflix’s High Rise Invasion with new trailers and staff!!

Netflix has unveiled new trailers, cast members and music for their upcoming original anime High Rise Invasion, adapted from the horror manga series written by Tsuina Miura and illustrated by Takahiro Oba about a group of people that find themselves trapped in a strange world of sky-scrapers inhabited by murderous, mask-wearing psychopaths. The opening theme, …

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Check the EDENS ZERO teaser trailer, Hiro Mashima’s new series premieres April 10!!

J1 fans, how is it going? Even with the world at war with a deadly microbe, new anime is still being put out, and we couldn’t be happier about that. For all of you who have enjoyed Hiro Mashima’s fantasy epic Fairy Tail, feast your eyes on the world premiere teaser for the anime adaption …

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Traditional J-Rock group WagakkiBand sinks their teeth into Mars Red opening theme!!

Hey, what’s up, J1sters! We are encroaching ever closer to the Spring premiere of the anime adaption of Mars Red, the stage reading by Bunj-O Fugisawa about vampires in the 1920s. Keeping with the time and theme, hybrid traditional J-Rock group WagakkiBand will be performing the opening theme “Aria of Life.” The group, so named …

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BONES original anime takes on the world of skateboarding!!

What’s up, J1 fans!! Animation studios BONES is delving into the world of skateboarding with their newest original anime. SK8 the Infinity follows Reki, a second year high school student with a passion for skateboarding, and Langa, a transfer student who has just returned from Canada and has never ridden on a skateboard before. Together they …

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Japanese 90s TV drama Night Head revived as new anime for 2021!!

Night Head was a Japanese TV drama that ran from 1992 to 1993 for 21 episodes. The sci-fi series generated a cult following with its mysterious and shocking storyline. Its anime revival, titled NIGHT HEAD 2041, is based on a script written by the series creator George Iida and will air on Fuji TV’s +Ultra …

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Crunchyroll treads the dark with new original anime “Onyx Equinox!!”

Just in time for Halloween, Crunchyroll drops a trailer for their next upcoming original anime series, Onyx Equinox. The anime follows a young boy named Izel who is tasked with closing the five Gates of the Underworld and save humanity from a dark evil bent on world conquest. Creator and showrunner Sofia Alexander gives more …

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First look at Pacific Rim anime – Netflix Anime Festival 2020

Hey J1 Fans! Netflix has posted the first images of the upcoming anime adaption of Pacific Rim, the cult classic film franchise from Legendary Pictures. Titled Pacific Rim: The Black, the series is being produced by Polygon Pictures with showrunners Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson. Long ago, humanity defeated the Kaiju. Now, they’re evacuating Australia. …

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Check out Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma opening trailer – premieres September 17

Hey, J1 fans! The premiere date for Netflix’s original anime Dragon’s Dogma, based on Capcom’s dark fantasy RPG, is just around the corner. The steaming channel was kind enough to give us a taste of the series with the release of the series’ opening cinematic. Directed by Shinya Sugai and produced by Sublimation, Dragon’s Dogma …

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Netflix reveals visual and crew for Dragon’s Dogma anime – premieres September 2020

Netflix continues to roll out new anime in spite of the ongoing worldwide crisis, which is a good thing. The streaming network’s newest entry is Dragon’s Dogma, based on the classic Capcom RPG. Netflix has revealed the series first key visual, four stills and the crew working on it. Dragon’s Dogma will premiere exclusively on …

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The daughter of Inuyasha appears in new spinoff anime series from Viz Media!!

Hey there, J1 Fans! DevilDriver1313 here with some awesome anime news! Viz Media has announced on Friday they are working with Inuyashsa creator Rumiko Takahashi on the new anime spinoff, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. Takahashi will also be designing the characters. The anime follows the daughters of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru on a time traversing adventure between …

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