Japanese 90s TV drama Night Head revived as new anime for 2021!!

Night Head was a Japanese TV drama that ran from 1992 to 1993 for 21 episodes. The sci-fi series generated a cult following with its mysterious and shocking storyline. Its anime revival, titled NIGHT HEAD 2041, is based on a script written by the series creator George Iida and will air on Fuji TV’s +Ultra block in July 2021.

NIGHT HEAD 2041 will not only feature original brothers Naoto Kirihara, who has aggressive psychic powers such as psychokinesis, and Naoya Kirihara, Naoto’s younger brother who has reading, healing, and precognition powers, it will add brothers Takuya and Yuuya Kuroki, who hunt down the psychics as The National Guard Unit.

In the story, NIGHT HEAD refers to the 70% percent of the brain unused by humans where it is believed that a “mysterious power” resides, leading to the manifestation of psychic abilities.

Takamitsu Hirakawa (Etotama CG director) is attached to direct on an original script by Iida. Manga Artist OH!Great (Tenjho TengeAire Gear) provides the original character designs. An acclaimed CG studio SHIROGUMI (Shin Godzillarevisions) works on anime production.