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Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War reveal trailer – coming October 2022

Get ready to feel the soul crushing pressure of the reveal trailer for the finale we have been waiting for! Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War is the final arc of Tite Kubo’s amazing series. All of your favorite Soul Reapers are returning for one last battle against a deadly new foe that threatens both the …

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Check out the first pics of Inuyasha and Kigome’s daughter!!

Hey there, J1 fans! Well, we finally get to see her. The official Twitter account for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon has released the character pic for Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter, Mohora. ”もろは”のカラー設定を初公開!”火鼠の衣”を纏い、赤いリボンがトレードマーク🎀 『半妖の夜叉姫』は2020年秋 読売テレビ・日本テレビ系土曜夕方5時30分~放送決定!(※一部地域を除く)公式サイト↓https://t.co/gqioWTuQ18#半妖の夜叉姫#もろは pic.twitter.com/8BAlYchhvS — 半妖の夜叉姫 (@hanyo_yashahime) July 19, 2020 Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is the upcoming spinoff series and successor to the widely popular InuYasha …

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Food Wars: Fifth Plate serving up the rest of the anime in July 2020!

Are you hungry, anime fans? Hold out your plates because the official Twitter account of the cooking anime Food Wars ahs announced that the fifth season – the Fifth Plate – will be returning to Japanese airwaves in or after July 2020. The series was previously delayed due to COVID19 but not wanting to the …

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The daughter of Inuyasha appears in new spinoff anime series from Viz Media!!

Hey there, J1 Fans! DevilDriver1313 here with some awesome anime news! Viz Media has announced on Friday they are working with Inuyashsa creator Rumiko Takahashi on the new anime spinoff, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. Takahashi will also be designing the characters. The anime follows the daughters of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru on a time traversing adventure between …

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Demon Slayer Vol 17 sells out in Japan, bookstores are in an uproar!!

There is no denying the popularity of Koyoharu Gotōge’s dark fantasy manga Demon Slayer. The series has generated fans in Japan and overseas who cannot get enough of Tanjiro and Nezuko’s adventure. The anime adaption ended its season on September 28 with a fiery announcement about a movie adaption of the Infinite Train arc. So …

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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars to be released on DVD/Blu-ray for the first time!!

Viz Media revealed on Saturday that Sailor Moon Sailor Stars will be released on and Blu-ray for the first time in North America. The series is the fifth and final season to the original Sailor Moon series. At a panel at Anime Central, they also announced more of the English dub cast. Corina Boettger as …

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One Punch Man Season Two trailer reveals new title song by JAM Project!!

Ready for more Saitama?! The official website for One Punch Man began streaming a new promo video for the upcoming second season of the anime based on the superhero comedy manga created by ONE. The video features the new title song “Seijaku no Apostle” (The Silent Apostle) by JAM Project, who also preformed the opening …

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Viz Media brings English dub of Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission to select theaters across North America and Canada!!

CineLife Entertainment and Viz Media are bringing the English dub of the anime movie Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission to select theaters in North America and Canada. The movie released in Japan on December 27, 2013 but has yet to be dubbed in English. The Last Mission begins before the plot of Hunter x …

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NEW RWBY manga series coming this Fall!!

Do you want more RWBY? Viz Media had announced that RWBY will appear in a new manga series created by Bunta Kinami that will be published in Weekly Shonen Jump this Fall. Announcement: New RWBY manga by BUNTA KINAMI is coming to Shonen Jump this Fall. #RWBY pic.twitter.com/PQiA08Q4bz — VIZ (@VIZMedia) October 6, 2018 The …

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Terraformars manga series returns in 2018!!

The sci-fi action manga by Kenichi Tachibana and Yu Sasuga went on hiatus earlier this year as Sasuga dealt with health issues. The series was originally set for return this Fall, but Weekly Young Jump updated its status today and Terraformars has a proposed return date of April 2018. Kenichi Tachibana provided an illustration on …

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