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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Official teaser trailer – opens October 18!

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” is a fantasy adventure that picks up several years after “Maleficent,” in which audiences learned of the events that hardened the heart of Disney’s most notorious villain and drove her to curse a baby Princess Aurora. The film continues to explore the complex relationship between the horned fairy and the soon …

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A Taste of dark Snow White!! Once Upon a Time S4 Two-Hour Finale Recap!!

SPOILERS AHEAD!! WATCH IT DEARIE!! August tells everyone about the Apprentice who may be able to help deal with Isaac. Hook takes everyone to the Apprentice’s home where the Blue Fairy frees him. Isaac finished the story requested of him by Gold and a bright light envelops the town. Henry awakens in Storybrooke to find …

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Dub thee Unforgiven!! Once Upon a time S4 Ep.21 Recap!!

SPPOILERS AHEAD!! Robin is struggling with the Zelena situation. Regina hopes that there is a chance for them but she knows the chances are slim due to her sister’s pregnancy. She suggests that everyone returns to Storybrooke where Emma reunites Maleficent with Lily and Regina puts Zelena in a padded room in the hospital. Gold …

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Emma and Lilith-BFF?! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.20!!

BEWARE OF SPOILERS, DEARIE!! Maleficent asks Emma to help her find her daughter Lily whom Emma knows from her youth. In the past, Emma finds Lily hiding out in the garage of her foster family. They invite her to dinner where she tells Emma’s family that they met in the group home when the actually …

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Sympathy for the De Vil!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.19 Recap!!

WATCH FOR SPOILERS, DARLING!! Maleficent confronts Cruella about the whereabouts of her daughter. Regina tells the Charming family about Zelena. Gold meets with Belle who calls to him and tells her about his heart going completely dark. Belle, however, shows no concern for her husband’s plight. Regina shows that she has taken Belle’s heart and …

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Look Who’s Back!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.18 Recap!!

WICKED SPOILERS AHEAD!! Emma and her parents search for the Author but Gold gets to him first. Gold then bribes Regina into helping him using Robin Hood as a bargaining chip. Nine weeks ago, Robin and Marion were trying to adjust to the modern world when they are visited by Gold in Baelfire/Neil Cassidy’s apartment. …

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A Mother’s Selfishness and Emma’s Sorrow!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.17 Recap!!

WATCH FOR SPOILERS, DARLINGS!! As Gold and the Queens of Darkness seek out the Author, Maleficent uses a sleeping spell on Storybrooke so they can find the page containing the Author and uses it as a deal with Gold to find her daughter, while at the same time Mary Margaret and David must find a …

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Poor Unfortunate Souls!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.16 Recap!!

SPOILERS LURK ABOUT!! August is persuaded the recall his meeting with the Dragon in China by Gold, Regina, and the Queens of Darkness. Regina uses a spell to temporarily possess Mary Margaret to relay Gold’s plan to Emma, David and Hook who were searching for her. They inform Belle of Gold’s return to Storybrooke. She …

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The Call of Darkness!! Will Regina answer it?! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.15 Recap!!

CAREFUL, DEARIE!! SPOILERS AHEAD!! Regina joins up with the queens of darkness in order to find out their true intentions. To test her, Cruella drives into the path of an oncoming train. Regina uses her powers to move the Queens to safety. It is then that she suggests they look for real trouble. Regina hasn’t …

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Dark Sins of the Past!! Maleficent Returns!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.14 Recap!!

CAREFUL DARLINGS!! SPOILERS AHEAD!! David and Mary Margaret are highly suspicious of Cruella and Ursula whereas Regina is ready to give them a chance at redemption. Cruella and Ursula visit Belle at Gold’s shop where Ursula discreetly takes an item. David and Emma, who have been watching, follow them after learning from Belle that a …

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