Dub thee Unforgiven!! Once Upon a time S4 Ep.21 Recap!!


Once Upon S4 Ep21_regina-robin

Robin is struggling with the Zelena situation. Regina hopes that there is a chance for them but she knows the chances are slim due to her sister’s pregnancy. She suggests that everyone returns to Storybrooke where Emma reunites Maleficent with Lily and Regina puts Zelena in a padded room in the hospital. Gold and the Author are at his shop searching for a blood spell that will allow the Author to create more ink. Regina arrives soon afterward to find Gold in a weakened state due to his heart going completely dark. She uses the opportunity to take the quill and the Author. At Granny’s diner, Maleficent tries to kindle a relationship with her daughter but Lily still wishes to exact revenge upon Snow White and Prince Charming. Fearful of losing her daughter again, Maleficent turn to Mary Margaret and David Nolan who agree to help find her. Regina finds her first and uses her blood to create the ink. Maleficent, Mary and David soon find Lily who has turned into a dragon. Lily attacks Mary Margaret and flies away. Hook and Emma have found them and rush over to her mother and heals her wound. Emma forgives Mary Margaret for the mistake she made in protecting her and for pushing her away. Regina pays a visit to Zelena with the intention of having the Author writing her out of existence but has a change of heart. The Author uses his quill to write his escape to Gold’s shop where Gold has him begin writing a new story.

Once Upon S4 Ep21_emma-hook

“To err is human, to forgive is divine.” We all this popular adage well. What it means is that as humans, we all make mistakes. Snow White and David made the mistake of stripping Maleficent of her child in order to safeguard their child from darkness and have been regretting it ever since. A feeling that has been eating away at them slowly and heightened when they lost Emma due to Regina’s curse. As a result, Emma pushes her parents, holding on to that bitterness and resentment she had for them. She couldn’t see them for the people they portrayed to be. Understandable she would feel this way. They did lie to her about her potential for darkness and got a taste of that potential during the Snow Queen incident. Luckily, Hook was able to convince Emma to reconcile with her parents. More forgiveness is being spread to the unlikeliest of people. Zelena was hell-bent of ruining Regina’s happiness. Regina feels the same about stopping her. She had intended to have the Author write her sister out of existence until she looked into her own past when her mother Cora tried poorly to correct the mistake of taking away Regina’s happiness with Daniel. Seeing how bitter her daughter had become, Cora forgives herself, in a way. Regina and Zelena appear to have come to an understanding when it came to putting the blame for their lives on Cora. This clearly demonstrates the aforementioned quote. Humans make mistakes. It takes a bigger person to forgive one for those mistakes.

But for some, this revelation comes too late. Rumplestiltskin has carried bitterness and resentment for his cowardly mistakes for so long that he can never forgive himself for them and his heart has become tainted beyond saving as a result. Ever the coward, he takes the easy way out and has the Author create a story where the villains take the spotlight. The book is accordingly titled “Heroes vs. Villains.” Hmm, now that sounds interesting.

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