A Mother’s Selfishness and Emma’s Sorrow!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.17 Recap!!


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As Gold and the Queens of Darkness seek out the Author, Maleficent uses a sleeping spell on Storybrooke so they can find the page containing the Author and uses it as a deal with Gold to find her daughter, while at the same time Mary Margaret and David must find a way to stop them in order to keep Emma from finding out about her fate unaware that Hook has already informed Emma of Gold’s plans for her. Unfortunately, it turns out that Henry has the page, which leads him to a key that is found in the Sorcerer’s mansion, but ends up giving the page to Regina, whose deception is found out by Gold and is put to sleep by Maleficent, while Henry hands over the keys to David and Mary Margaret, who then finally come clean to Emma, who is devastated to learn the truth. August later reveals to Emma and Hook that there more than one Author inside the book, and after Emma opens the door, the “Author” who manipulated the stories and was the last writer of the book, the Peddler, is set free, while Gold tells Maleficent that her daughter is alive. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow White and Prince Charming encounter the Peddler, who then leads them to the Apprentice in an effort to rid the darkness from whom they believe is Maleficent’s unborn child, but the task becomes one of regret for everyone involved when the Apprentice sends the unborn child, Cruella and Ursula, into our world.

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So many lies. So much deception. Such a heinous act. And for once, I’m not talking about the bad guys. These are the things Snow White and Prince Charming have done to ensure their child is not a seed of evil as Maleficent predicted. From the moment they sent Maleficent’s to our world, they have tainted their lives. They have lied and deceived their daughter Emma in order to protect her from the truth. But they inadvertently become no more deceiving than the very person they wronged—Maleficent. All their actions since the Queens of Darkness arrived in Storybrooke have peeled away their goody-good façade they have put up. This proves that even the greatest of heroes can at time be no better than the villains. Snow White has shown just how selfish she can be before. She killed Regina’s mother Cora after the latter killed Snow’s mother Eva and her friend Johanna. Emma learns this the hard way when her so-called “good” parents finally tell her the truth which completely crushes Emma’s faith in them. If David and Mary Margaret were worried about Emma turning against them before, they may be even more so now since she totally pissed at them. Heck, what child wouldn’t, having been lied to by the two people who supposed to live them the most. This may the one time goodness defeats itself.

Well the “Author” has finally been revealed. Emma releases him from the page of the storybook whereas David and Mary Margaret wanted to burn it. The “Author” turns out to be the Peddler whom David and Mary Margaret met years ago in the Enchanted Forest.

After a long time, Maleficent learns the whereabouts of her child. The Apprentice transported the egg she laid in dragon form to our world where the child is alive and has been named Lily. If you recall earlier in the season, Emma had a friend named Lily when she was young. Lily was a rebellious one and she and Emma got in a lot of trouble. Is there a chance that the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree?

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