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JAGS – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1)

Just a few days before Halloween, Justin and friends battle through Castlevania, telling spooky stories about Metroid, and working at Seven Eleven. (Contains explicit langage) Four friends that play video games. New episode every Thursday. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the Sony Playstation. http://Facebook.com/JustAnotherGameShow http://Twitter.com/JustAnthrGmeShw http://JustAnotherGameShow.com  1,800 total views

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JAGS is Back! – Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu

JAGS is back! After a short break, JAGS (Just Another Game Show) brings us a new episode where they gather around the NES to play Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu. They’ve been doing the show for a little longer than five months now, but they’ve already got a great selection of episodes to choose from. If …

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JAGS Plays Halo: Combat Evolved – (XBOX)

In their fifth episode, Justin, Jarrett, Frank, and Fronk play the original Halo Game on the first XBOX system. Wow. Seeing Warthogs and Banshees cruise through Blood Gulch sure brings back memories. Ok, his name’s not Fronk. The guy on the left who is making the perfect instruction manual pass to Frank. Please introduce yourselves …

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Watch Episode 1 of Brand New Gaming Show

JAGS. Just Another Game Show. A brand new sit-down-and-join-us-for-video-games youtube experience that is actually quite hilarious. Watch Episode 1 here: Follow JAGS: JAGS – YOUTUBE CHANNEL JAGS – FACEBOOK PAGE JAGS – TWITTER  1,719 total views

 1,719 total views

J1 Studios Interview: SILVERMANIA

Prepare your body for a barrage of nonsense, tomfoolery, and funny business. Our latest Interview features “THE MOST HATED SHOW ON THE INTERNET”, SILVERMANIA. If you would like the members of SILVERMANIA to make fun of you in the near future, check out our upcoming J1CON event where they’ll be doing a panel for your entertainment. …

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