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Red vs Blue! The score gets settled in Rooster Teeth’s DEATH BATTLE!!

After 17 years, we finally get to see which Spartan team is the best! Which side will you choose – the Red Team, lead by Super Colonel Sarge, or the Blue Team, lead by Private Leonard L. Church? These two teams have battled long enough, now it’s time see who will win…if they can stop …

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Microsoft reveals next-gen console and Halo Infinite!!

Microsoft reveals plans for their next generation console, stating that it will be more powerful than the Xbox One X. Watch as the men and women behind this incredible machine explain the details of the new console – codenamed “Project Scarlet” – that could put Microsoft back on top the console market. Also, XBoxers will …

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Master Chief is back in Halo Infinite!!

Microsoft pulled out the big guns at E3 2018 will reveals of some incredible titles. It’s no surprise that their biggest announcement is the next installment of their biggest selling series. Halo Infinite appears to bringing the flagship series back to basics with that classic Halo music and, of course, the return of Master Chief. …

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Agent Carolina takes on the Meta for A DEATH BATTLE Special!!

Combat specialist Agent Carolina and the Meta battle to prove who is the best!! This episode of Death Battle also serves as a third season premiere of Rooster Teeth’s Halo series “Red vs Blue”.  800 total views

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Agent Carolina has been assigned to Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Only one week remains until the special Death Battle episode of “Red vs. Blue”! Former top specialist Agent Carolina has her weapons primed and ready for her Battle against the Meta!!  938 total views,  2 views today

 938 total views,  2 views today

The Meta drops into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

The big, bad soldier from Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue series enter the Death Battle arena! With the Brute Shot grenade launcher in hand, he prepares to settle the score with Agent Carolina!!  1,210 total views

 1,210 total views

JAGS Plays Halo: Combat Evolved – (XBOX)

In their fifth episode, Justin, Jarrett, Frank, and Fronk play the original Halo Game on the first XBOX system. Wow. Seeing Warthogs and Banshees cruise through Blood Gulch sure brings back memories. Ok, his name’s not Fronk. The guy on the left who is making the perfect instruction manual pass to Frank. Please introduce yourselves …

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Halo: Master Chief Collection E3 2014 Announcement

You will get all the Halo games in one! For all of those who never got the chance to play the original Halo games, here you go. Release date: TBA  1,756 total views

 1,756 total views


It’s the ultimate super soldier battle as Master Chief takes on Captain America, and the winner has already been decided by fan vote! Series created by BatintheSun. )  4,986 total views

 4,986 total views

Too Many Games Gathering in Philadelphia!

Gamers of all types and all ages, CHECK THIS OUT! Too Many Games 2013 is happening this weekend and it’s a time for all people to embrace the good times that video games have provided for us, from the days of Atari, SNES and Genesis all the way up through today’s big games and big …

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