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Does Sony’s AllStars compete with Nintendo’s Smash Bros.?!

Developer(s) SuperBot Entertainment, SCE Santa Monica Studio, Bluepoint Games (PS Vita) Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Director(s) Omar Kendall Producer(s) Chan Park Designer(s) Seth Killian Platform(s) PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita Release date(s) NA November 20, 2012 Genre(s): Fighting, Action Rating: Teen Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale brings together the biggest names in Playstation’s history to duke it …

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PS Allstars Battle Royale Jak and Daxter gameplay!!

Jak and his buddy Daxter are back after a long hiatus to shows the other characters why they were (and in some ways, still are) Naughty Dog’s golden boys. It seems we’re getting the Jak 3 incarnation. He comes with big guns and the power of Eco.  1,403 total views

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Super Smash Bros. Sony style??

Yeah, I know. Who woulda thought? But yeah, looks like Sony is answering Nintendo’s all star brawler with its own. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale bring the biggest names from the Playstation universe together for free-for-all battle! The game includes both past and present characters such as Kratos, Nathan Drake, Parappa the Rappa, Fat Princess and …

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