Super Smash Bros. Sony style??

Yeah, I know. Who woulda thought? But yeah, looks like Sony is answering Nintendo’s all star brawler with its own. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale bring the biggest names from the Playstation universe together for free-for-all battle! The game includes both past and present characters such as Kratos, Nathan Drake, Parappa the Rappa, Fat Princess and Sly Cooper. All-Stars’ gameplay matches Smash Bros. with the option to have up to four players beat the tar out of one another on elaborate interactive stages. Each character has their own unique attacks. Hmm, maybe it would be interesting to see Ratchet duke it out with Jak or see Fat Princess throw her weight around. Nariko verses Kratos? I like Nariko but my money is on Kratos. Hey, he beat the gods and returned from death… twice.