New Detroit’s cybernetic lawman set to return in 2013!!

Yes, it’s happening. The cyber-cop from th eighties is getting an upgrade. Brazilian film maker Jose Padiha is directing the film that is set for an August 2013 release. The cast so far includes Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Joel Kinnaman in the title role. For those who don’t remember, the original movie is about a cop named Alex Murphy who is viciously gunned down and reborn as a law-enforcing cyborg. According to Padiha, his vision for the remake will fill in the gaps of Murphy’s transformation into Robocop. In the original movie, we saw Murphy get gunned down, taken to a hospital, see some shots of doctors and cut to him being Robocop. The remake is slated to build upon this, giving insight as to what exactly happened. I have not really had a problem with remakes as long as they are done right. I’ll definately be keeping an eye on this one.

Here’s the proposed idea for the helmet design. This is just concept art, not a confirmed design.

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