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Afro Samurai/Samurai Champloo Crossover Fan Film.. WOW!

Afro Samurai Champloo is an action adventure samurai short film about a selfish rogue warrior named Mugen, and his attempt to get rid of his broke lifestyle by killing Afro Samurai, the most wanted bounty in Japan. In the end, he learns to value the samurai code of honor rather than amassing a fortune. This …

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High School Martial Arts Web-Series ‘Fighter’s High’ from Philly WANTS YOU!

For those don’t know how the energy of gaming, anime, and martial arts can come together, look no further. Ladies and gentlemen, check out Fighter’s High! A High School Martial Arts Action Web-Series following the story of Tommy Kane, his friends, his rivals and his father’s legacy. SUPPORT THEM HERE: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fighter-s-high-first-semester The new Fighters High is …

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Indie ‘Shonen Jump’/’Wizard’ style magazine needs your help!!!

This campaign is for the up and coming fantasy, sci-fi and noir magazine Outer world. To pay the editors, creators and artists. DONATE HERE: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/outer-world-magazine?show_todos=true What is Outer world Magazine Outer World will be an anthology publication done in a magazine style format. It will feature the genres of superheroes, sci-fi, noir and fantasy stories for a …

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Donate to help the black sci-fi movie ‘Earth Squadron’ become a reality!

Earth Squadron is a film about what happens when planet Earth’s rejects are the only ones that can save them from an unknown alien foe bent on world domination. The Project’s Goal: To create an independent, quality product providing positive images of minorities in opposition of stereotypical negative depictions common in today’s entertainment.  We seek …

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Davon needs to get to SXSW in 2014

We’ve had a lot of people from ‘A Tree Grows Music Group’ perform at various J1 Studios events since 2011. So we ant to help support them. We hope you can do the same. “Davon has been booked for one of the world’s largest and longest running music conferences. He needs your help getting there, …

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