Donate to help the black sci-fi movie ‘Earth Squadron’ become a reality!


Earth Squadron is a film about what happens when planet Earth’s rejects are the only ones that can save them from an unknown alien foe bent on world domination.

The Project’s Goal:

To create an independent, quality product providing positive images of minorities in opposition of stereotypical negative depictions common in today’s entertainment.  We seek assistance to make Earth Squadron a reality paving the way for more great stories to be produced. It is for this purpose we are seeking financial assistance from the public.

Why This Project Matters:

Dating back to the inception of commercial science fiction, written, television and movies, depictions and inclusions of people of color were few, and of such stereotypical content. There has existed a serious need to not only set the record straight, but create and reinforce positive non-white role models.   The greater entertainment industry has little financial incentive to produce content with non-white lead characters, stories and plot lines that address realistic sociological issues. There is a need for independent producers to fill this important niche. In the service of meeting the goal of producing quality multiethnic, multidimensional stories in the form of movies, television shows, Internet-delivered content and audio books from Black authors and content creators, we are constructing a small digital studio to meet the needs of producing future cartoon, 3D, live action films and games.


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