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Afro Samurai/Samurai Champloo Crossover Fan Film.. WOW!

Afro Samurai Champloo is an action adventure samurai short film about a selfish rogue warrior named Mugen, and his attempt to get rid of his broke lifestyle by killing Afro Samurai, the most wanted bounty in Japan. In the end, he learns to value the samurai code of honor rather than amassing a fortune. This …

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Home of Samurai Champloo closes its doors!!

Well, that’s just dandy. Manglobe, the anime studios behind hit series such as Samurai Champloo, The World God Only Knows, and GANGSTA, has closed its doors. According to reports, the company began the process for bankruptcy on the 29th after being a state of collapse for quite a while. The announcement came suddenly last night, …

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