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Disney+ “Once Upon a Snowman” trailer – begins streaming October 23!!

The previously untold origins of Olaf, the innocent and insightful, summer-loving snowman who melted hearts in the Academy Award-winning 2013 Disney animated feature, Frozen, and its acclaimed 2019 sequel, are revealed in the all-new Walt Disney Animation Studios animated short, Once Upon a Snowman. The film follows Olaf’s first steps as he comes to life …

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Frozen II Official Trailer – opens November 22

Let go of the past to save the future. Why was Elsa born with magical powers? What secrets of the past await her as she journeys into the unknown magic forest and dark seas beyond Arendelle? The answers are calling her but also threatening her kingdom. Join Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven as they …

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Frozen II Official Trailer – releases November 22!!

It’s time to ‘Let it go’ again. Walt Disney Pictures has dropped the first official trailer for Frozen II. Why was Elsa born with magical powers? The answer is calling her and threatening her home of Arendale. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she’ll set out on a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen”, …

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Things are getting serious in first Frozen II teaser trailer!!

After six years and two short films, we finally get a first trailer for Frozen II, the sequel to the 2013 megahit that has won numerous awards for Best Animated Film and Best Original Song, “Let It Go.” The film reunites the original cast of Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, Jonathan Groff …

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Kingdom Hearts Orchestra begins new worldwide tour in April!!

Experience the music of Kingdom Hearts like never before in a new worldwide tour for 2019. What better way to celebrate the release of the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III than with a world tour featuring music from the beloved series created by Square Enix and Disney. Square Enix announced plans for Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World …

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Westworld, This is Us actors to join cast of “Frozen 2!!”

Disney’s anticipated sequel to its 2013 animated megahit could have two new additions to the cast. Evan Rachel Wood, who plays the sentient android Dolores Abernathy in the HBO series Westworld, and Sterling K. Brown, known for his portrayal of Randall Pearson on the NBC drama This Is Us, are currently in talks with Disney …

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Kingdom Heart 3 Frozen Trailer!!

Just earlier, Square Enix drops the release date for the upcoming third installment of their collaboration title, Kingdom Hearts 3. Now we get a first look at Sora, Goofy and Donald as they encounter the Heartless in Arendale, where they meet Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff. Kingdom Hearts 3 launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox …

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Shattered Sight!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.10 Recap!!

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!! The townsfolk of Storybrooke are tearing themselves apart due to the Snow Queen’s Spell of Shattered Sight. Everyone is affected including Mary Margaret and David. Gold plans to leave Storybrooke with Belle and Henry. He sends Hook to retrieve his grandson. Emma and Elsa find the Snow Queen only to discover that …

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A Sisters’ Reunion and Gold’s Ruin!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.9 Recap!!

RESIST!! DO NOT SUCCOMB TO THE SPOILERS!! Gold strikes a deal with Ingrid the Snow Queen to spare Belle and Henry from her spell. Everyone watches as the spell approaches. The residents try to leave but the Snow Queen’s ice wall prevents locks them in. Elsa finds Anna’s necklace at the wall. While the Charmings, …

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The Snow Queen!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.7 Recap!!

CAREFUL OF THE SPOILERS, DEARIE!! In the past, Ingrid’s sisters Gerta and Helga were nearly abducted when Ingrid used her powers the save them. Robin Hood visits Regina with a conflicted heart. Emma and Elsa try a spell intended to remove the Snow Queen’s powers. She, along with Elsa, follow David to the clock tower …

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