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A Sisters’ Reunion and Gold’s Ruin!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.9 Recap!!

RESIST!! DO NOT SUCCOMB TO THE SPOILERS!! Gold strikes a deal with Ingrid the Snow Queen to spare Belle and Henry from her spell. Everyone watches as the spell approaches. The residents try to leave but the Snow Queen’s ice wall prevents locks them in. Elsa finds Anna’s necklace at the wall. While the Charmings, …

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The Snow Queen!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.7 Recap!!

CAREFUL OF THE SPOILERS, DEARIE!! In the past, Ingrid’s sisters Gerta and Helga were nearly abducted when Ingrid used her powers the save them. Robin Hood visits Regina with a conflicted heart. Emma and Elsa try a spell intended to remove the Snow Queen’s powers. She, along with Elsa, follow David to the clock tower …

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Family Business!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.6 Recap!!

STONE COLD SPOILERS AHEAD!! Belle and her mother’s castle are attacked by Ogres. However, she doesn’t remember the incident. Emma shows everyone the video of her with the Snow Queen when she was young. Everyone splits up and begins to search for her. In Arendalle, Elsa is overjoyed when Anna returns home. Anna meets their …

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The Ice Blooded Queen!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.5 Recap!!

CHILLING SPOILERS AHEAD!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!! Emma and Elsa search through files to find Anna. Emma finds a picture with her and the Snow Queen. She talks to Regina about the pictures who is not quick to answer her. Outside Regina’s mausoleum, Elsa follows Anna into the woods. Sidney succeeds in granting Regina’s request and …

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