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Free Nunchuck Classes, Every Saturday in Philly’s Clark Park!

Hi, Forrest Shamlian here! You may know me as the guy who brought you awkward silly interviews with JonTron, Vic Mignogna, Professor Oak, GameChops and SILVERMANIA! You might also have seen me cosplaying Zuko in the Avatar the Last Airbender Cosplay Flow Arts Performance at J1-Con Music Fest. After putting on that performance with my …

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Interview with the AAA! (A**Hole Animator Association)

If you watch cartoons on Newgrounds or Youtube, chances are you’ve seen their work! Forrest hangs out with several members of the AAA, a group known widely on Youtube and Newgrounds for their animations, art, and parody cartoons. If you enjoyed this interview, please subscribe to our channel! More MAGfest 2015 Interviews coming soon! Check …

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Liana Gabel – Big Sur (Forrest Fire Remix)

Liana Gabel is a talented singer and songwriter from Rochester, NY. Upon hearing the work of her and her band, Forrest Shamlian, aka Forrest Fire, got right to work on a remix. The original song can be enjoyed in full on Liana’s bandcamp http://lianaband.bandcamp.com/track/big-sur The remix can be found on Forrest’s Soundcloud page, as well as …

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J1 Studios Interview: RJD2

  The J1 Sound Team interviews the very talented music producer RJD2.   RJD2 on the web: Website: http://rjd2.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RJD2 SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/officialrjd2 Twitter: https://twitter.com/rjd2 RJD2 was one of the two artists who came to speak at the Kimmel Center Music Business course on November 5th. It’s a free course and you can meet us there at the next …

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A.C.M.G. Interview with the J1 Sound Team!!!

  This past Sunday at the J1 Music Fest, A.C.M.G’s own Daxavier Josiah got the chance to talk with  Ray Riley and Forrest Shamlian of the J1 Sound Team about their careers at J1 Studios and future plans. Check out the interview below! Check out the guys at  A.C.M.G. (Anime, Comics, Movies and Games) JOIN THE …

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It’s-a-Here!! Download Pipe Dreams for Free!

  Download it at the Free Stuff section of the site.   The seventh track is CD only. The J1 Sound Team, assisted by the skills of Dj CUTMAN, put a lot of effort in on this one (as well as the six other albums), and would love to hear your feedback! please download the album …

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Pipe Dreams Track Two!

Here it is! Titled “Desert Mushroom (Hot Under the Collar)”, this song is a breakbeat remix of the desert overworld theme in Super Mario Bros 3.     Seeing as last weeks song, Falling with Style ft. Dj CUTMAN, was also from SMB3, you may be assuming that this game was the basis for the …

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Forrest Fire: Mastering Your Music

Hey whats up J1 Community! My name is Forrest Shamlian, and I MAKE and MASTER MUSIC. If you’ve been listening to the Mario and Sonic remixes on the site’s Free Stuff Page, you might know me as Forrest Fire. I became a member of the J1 team a little over two years ago, but I’ve …

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Exclusive New Lime Rind Music!!!

It’s finally here!!! Music for Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai is finally here for your listening pleasure!!! Take a listen to the first track off of this awesome soundtrack: Wind And Fur, by clicking HERE!!! Or go to the Music Section of the site and click on the Lime Rind tab.  1,800 total views,  2 views today

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