Forrest Fire: Mastering Your Music

Hey whats up J1 Community! My name is Forrest Shamlian, and I MAKE and MASTER MUSIC. If you’ve been listening to the Mario and Sonic remixes on the site’s Free Stuff Page, you might know me as Forrest Fire. I became a member of the J1 team a little over two years ago, but I’ve been working in music since I was about 15, starting with garageband, then Reason 5, then Logic pro, and now Ableton Live 9. Like a few of you reading this, I hope to make music the primary method of income for the rest of my days, and every day I put in time working towards this goal. This Summer I will be offering my skills as a producer and mastering engineer to anyone who is looking for assistance with their music project. From a single song to an entire album. You can count on me to stick with you till the job is FINISHED. And I LOVE what I do. Each song I get to master is a chance for me to see how other people handle music production, and for me to find new ways to make music, in general, sound amazing.

Check out MY WEBSITE for audio examples of past work I’ve mastered for others.
My man Rasheed is too kind, but here’s a client testimonial:

Check out my site to hear Rasheed’s track and get more info about my work.
Thanks for reading! Much love – Forrest S. aka Forrest Fire

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