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J1 Sound Team Makes the OC Remix Front Page!

Just yesterday, the team at OverClocked Remix posted a song from the J1 Sound Team’s Super Mario Bros EDM Remix Album, Pipe Dreams, to the front page of their website! The song, “The King Awaits”, is on the main page now. You can listen to the track and read the article they wrote about it here: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02921. …

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J1 Studios Interview: Dj CUTMAN

Thats right. All of you MAGfest-goer’s know whose interview you’re here to watch. The man who’s elite crew of Dj’s and producers had you raging at the Friday night Dj Battle… The founder of the prestigious GameChops record label… The man who just finished his tour with teacher, rapper, hero, Mega Ran!… DEEEE JAAYYYYYY CUTMANNNNNNN!! …

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It’s-a-Here!! Download Pipe Dreams for Free!

  Download it at the Free Stuff section of the site.   The seventh track is CD only. The J1 Sound Team, assisted by the skills of Dj CUTMAN, put a lot of effort in on this one (as well as the six other albums), and would love to hear your feedback! please download the album …

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Newest Remix Album ‘Pipe Dreams’ Releases Tomorrow!

‘Pipe Dreams’, the latest J1 Sound Team Remix album featuring Dj CUTMAN is about to go public! We’ve been releasing a new track weekly on our Youtube Channel for two weeks now, and tomorrow we’re giving you everything! You’ll be able to download the entire album from the Free Stuff Section of the site. For …

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Pipe Dreams Track Two!

Here it is! Titled “Desert Mushroom (Hot Under the Collar)”, this song is a breakbeat remix of the desert overworld theme in Super Mario Bros 3.     Seeing as last weeks song, Falling with Style ft. Dj CUTMAN, was also from SMB3, you may be assuming that this game was the basis for the …

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Falling with Style ft. Dj CUTMAN – Pipe Dreams – Track 1

Just as we promised, Pipe Dreams track 1 is here! This song in particular was a collaboration between our sound team and Dj CUTMAN. If you never had the opportunity to play Super Mario Bros 3, you may be feeling left out. Thats ok. Here’s the original song down here, but make sure to put …

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Pipe Dreams: Super Mario Bros EDM Remix Album

That’s right y’all. Forrest Fire and Shinigami of the J1 Sound Team have conjured up yet another remix album! Mario fans get hype! This one is Super Mario Bros EDM! Featuring remixes from games such as Super Mario Bros, SMB 3, Super Mario World, and even Mario Kart 64, this album is sure to please all …

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