No Love for Neville!! Revolution S1 Ep16 Recap!!


While musing over the death of Emma, Miles receives disturbing news. Tom Neville is appointed general of the confederate army. He tells him about Monroe’s plan to weaponize Anthrax. Charlie and Nora are less than happy about Neville’s enlistment. While on a boat bound for a scientist making Anthrax, Neville talks with Jason, telling him about how he and his wife had to escape Philadelphia and blames him for his desertion. Somewhere out west, Rachel and Aaron visit a small community of tents in search of food. They are sadly turned away. Later that night, the leader finds them and demands the food they took back. He attempts to execute them for their thievery but Rachel shoots him first, which alerts nearby soldiers. During their escape, Rachel is injured.

Successful in their mission, Tom tries to ease things over with Miles. The two then meet with the scientist they took and tell him that he will not see his family unless he continues the work he started with Monroe. Nora does not agree with Tom and Miles’s method and wants out of the unit. Aaron tends to Rachel who has suffered a broken leg. She tells him to leave her and continue onto the Tower in Seattle. She resorts to reminding him of how he left his wife. Aaron refuses. On the boat, the Georgia Confederate soldiers are approached by another boat loaded with Monroe soldiers. While the soldiers board their boat, Tom hides Charlie and the scientist in a secret room. Tom intends to kill the scientist. Charlie intends to kill Tom. Finding nothing, the soldiers leave. When they exit the hidden room, Tom attacks Charlie. Miles rushes in before he can do more to her. Rachel and Aaron fight for their lives when two men from the village approach the bus they’re hiding in. They cooperatively kill both men.

Charlie tries to convince her uncle to release Dr. Camp’s family but he refuses. Knowing the conversation will not go any further, Charlie locks Miles in his room and Jason takes out his father. With help from Nora, they take over the boat and the boat with Camp’s family on it when it comes to investigate a distress call. Their plan is unfurled when Neville and the rest of the soldiers retake the boat. However, they quickly come under fire from Monroe soldier stationed nearby. Miles escapes with Charlie, Jason, Nora and the Camp family in the confusion, leaving Neville behind. At the Rebel-Confederate camp, an angry Neville bursts into Miles’ tent. He threatens to take the army back to Georgia. Miles sets him straight, telling him Foster care more about wins over his foolish pride. Out west, Rachel reveals something startling to Aaron. He apparently has more of a connection to the Tower than before. Elsewhere, Grace is under watch by a Monroe militia officer as she uses her pendant to make a factory operational. She manages to get the elevator working. The officer investigates the elevator, only to be attacked when it stops between floors. The elevator returns to Grace and she watches as something emerges from within.

Miles is starting to meld into his role as general of a joint Rebel-Confederate alliance. However, he is also regressing back to his days as general of the Monroe Republic militia and the recent act of killing his former fiancée Emma has pushed him over the edge. Charlie witnesses first-hand the length her uncle will go to put an end to Monroe when he orders a Monroe Republic soldier’s death by firing squad without so much as batting an eye. Miles then resorts to holding Dr. Camp’s family hostage in order to force to make Anthrax for the Confederacy. When confronted by Charlie, Miles lashes out. This is a major breakthrough for a guy who keeps his feelings bottled up tight. His former best friend has killed his fiancée whom he still loves, ruined his family and killed his nephew. The weight of all that coupled with being responsible for the lives of dozens of Confederate and Rebel was bound to get to him. With these points illustrated, Miles expressed genuine emotion and perhaps he felt like he has failed those closest to him including his niece who sees him in a different light now that he is commanding an army. Before she saw him as a savior of some kind; now he shows himself to be a military dog. Luckily, Miles turns around and lets the family loose, winning back the respect of his niece.

But that wouldn’t have been possible if Charlie hadn’t taken a stand against her uncle and lock him in a room while she took matters into her own hands and sought to reunite Dr. Camp with his family with help from Nora and Jason. Charlie also took stand against Tom Neville which seemed odd since she stopped her mother from killing him when he was captured. Guess she wanted a crack at him herself.

Speaking of Monroe’s former right-hand man, no one is happy with the fact that he has been appointed by Georgia Federation President Foster to be general of her army alongside Miles, who wanted to rip Neville’s throat out the moment he saw him. This must have been torturous for him. Here is the man that killed his brother, kidnapped his nephew and held his sister-in-law hostage right in front of him and Miles can’t touch him. Talk about waving a piece of meat in front of a hungry dog. The same goes all around for Charlie, Nora and Jason. Charlie would like nothing more than to put an arrow in his chest for killing her father and the hell he put her through when he kidnapped Danny. Nora knows the terrible things Neville has done both by eye-witness account and through reputation. She has her own reasons for wanting to take out Tom. After disowning him, Jason just flat out hates his father. Tom has done nothing but treat his son like crap as a way of “making him strong”, as he puts it. Jason has resented his father for what he has done to him and to innocent people. He has seen his father mercilessly kill anyone who stood in his way even his own men. This is something that Jason could no longer agree with. I don’t doubt that Jason longs for the father he knew as a kid before the blackout. Back then, Tom was kind and caring and enjoyed his time with his son. Jason is probably wondering what happened along the way.

The loveless for Tom Neville even filters back to Monroe who has lost trust in him and now questions what other things Tom has lied about since he discovered that Jason is not only alive but is fighting for the Rebels. I wouldn’t doubt that Monroe would want Neville hunted down and brought back dead or alive. But I wonder how he’ll react when he learns that two of his former top soldiers are not only headlining the joint Rebel-Confederation alliance but they are doing it, reluctantly, together. However, Jason did raise a good question. Why is Tom Neville now fighting for the Confederates? Surely, he has completely turned on Monroe, has he? Tom has to have an ulterior motive. That’s just the kind of guy he is. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds. The episode is called “The Love Boat” but there is no love for Tom Neville on this boat.

Let’s give it up to Aaron for finally growing a pair. All season long he has been the flustered former Google exec who just stood in the background. Now we see him taking charge at last. He protected his wife after finding her in a small town from a bounty hunter. Last night, he helped an injured Rachel fend off attackers instead of running like a scared puppy. I had a feeling it would be a matter of time before Aaron decided to nut-up. Now let’s see what he is made of now that he has been shown how important he is to restoring power to the world.

Grace hasn’t been seen in a while. Remember her? She saved Danny when Neville was looking for him. She is still working on getting the facility running with a militia officer looking over her shoulder. She succeeds in restarting the elevator. However, when the officer goes to investigate, he is attacked by something. That something then rides the elevator up to Grace. Now what is a post-apocalyptic show without a mutant or two…or a few. This ending reminds me of the movie “The Chernobyl Diaries” where people were suddenly under attack by some humanoid creature. Hey, I wouldn’t put it past Eric Kripke to implement this concept considering he also created “Supernatural.” It’d be a nice twist.

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