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What is Constantine’s Fate?! Season 1 Finale Recap!!

WATCH OUT FOR SPOILERS, MATE!! Voodoo king Papa Midnite puts a price in Constantine’s head. With help from Jim Corrigan, Constantine and Zed investigate the disappearances of several young girls. They visit the mother of one of the girls. Zed is having trouble using her ability to find the girl. John uses an unorthodox method …

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What is “Constantine’s” future on NBC?! Midseason Recap!!

SPOILERS AHEAD!! Darkness is rising and there is only one man who can stop it. Whether he wants to or not. He is John Constantine, investigator of the paranormal and practitioner of the Black Arts. “Constantine” is based on DC’s “Hell Blazer” comic series. Unlike the other DC television series, John does not deal with …

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Light our Darkest Hour!! Revolution S1 Finale Recap!!

*WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!* Note: The following recaps Episode 19 as well. Sorry I missed y’all. Episode 19 picks up with Rachel unpins the grenade in Monroe’s tent, but one of Monroe’s bodyguards pushes him out of the way. Another militia soldier tackles Rachael and throws the grenade outside just in time. Aaron witnesses Rachel …

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Absolutely Nothing We Trust!! Revolution S1 Ep18 Recap!!

*WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!* Nora is in a cell held captive by Monroe. She is given a white dress and attends dinner with him. She suspects something. Monroe asks her about Miles. Over the course of several days, she beaten and tortured and drugged until she finally tells the militia about Miles, Neville, and Rachel. Monroe …

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Parental Instincts!! Revolution S1 Ep17 Recap!!

*WARNING: SPOILERS!! THAT IS ALL!* Nora wakes up the next morning in Miles’ bed. She has regrets, feeling that she can’t allow herself to get close to him. Meanwhile, Neville and Jason still have issues to iron out. Neville demands that his son finish the job of killing him. Jason refuses and walks away. Charlie …

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No Love for Neville!! Revolution S1 Ep16 Recap!!

*WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!* While musing over the death of Emma, Miles receives disturbing news. Tom Neville is appointed general of the confederate army. He tells him about Monroe’s plan to weaponize Anthrax. Charlie and Nora are less than happy about Neville’s enlistment. While on a boat bound for a scientist making Anthrax, Neville talks with …

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Miles vs. Monroe Round 2!! Revolution S1 Ep15 Recap!!

*ATTENTION: SPOILERS AHEAD!!* Miles has apparently taken President Foster’s offer as a captain reports to him abo9ut their latest victory over Monroe’s men. He leaves the tent and looks out over the evidence of the battle. Word of this gets to Monroe who knows what exactly will happen if Miles is allowed to continue to …

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The Mourning After! Revolution Ep 12 Recap!!

*WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!* Following Danny’s death, Miles realizes he can’t allow Monroe to continue to live. He talks about how to take down Monroe by wanting to organize the generals who helped him when he attempted to assassinate him before. There are objections but they know full well that Miles is right. Nora asks. Miles …

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Is there evolution for NBC’s new series Revolution?!

Executive Producer(s): J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Jon Favreau, Eric Kripke Producer(s): Athena Wickman, Robert M. Williams Jr. Production Company(s): Warner Bros. Television, Bad Robot Productions, Kripke Enterprises Genre(s): Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic fiction, Science fiction, Action/Adventure, Drama, Mystery Running Time: 47 minutes Broadcast: NBC Schedule: Monday 10:00 pm EST When I first heard about Revolution my …

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Revolution – New Show from Jon Favreau & J.J. Abrams!!

This new series, anticipated to premier in fall 2012, is a story that takes place 15 years after all technology fails. The premise appears really interesting. Side note: in case you weren’t aware, Jon Favreau is the director of the Ironman series and J.J. Abrams, well, has just about done anything and everything cool. Just …

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