Mar 02 2015

Killing is my Business!! The Following Season 3 Premiere!!

THESE SPOILERS ARE KILLER!! Ryan Hardy is attending a wedding reception when a waiter throws blood on Hardy, telling him that he shot his daughter at the Korbin Compound. The FBI continues to be vigilant over the possible threat of a new uprising of Joe Carroll followers. A couple hire a girl for a threesome …

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Mar 02 2015

First Trailer to Dragonball Z: Fukkatsu no F!!

Check out the first trailer for the new Dragonball Z film featuring Japanese extreme metal band Maximum the Hormone’s song about the powerful villain, “F”! 248 total views, 170 views today

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Mar 02 2015

Enter the Queens of Darkness!! One Upon a Time S4 Ep.13 Recap!!

WATCH FOR SPOILERS, DARLING!! Normalcy returns to Storybrooke following the incident involving Ingrid the Snow Queen. Hook and Belle have been working on a way to free the fairies from the Magical Hat. Gold and Ursula visit Cruella De Vil where Gold convinces the lavish De Vil to take them to Storybrooke. Emma continues to …

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Mar 01 2015

Who the better bounty hunter?! Samus Aran vs. Boba Fett: Remastered!!

Screw Attack has had this Death Battle before. But now it has been remade with up-to-date graphics added, more dynamics, and stunning visuals! The character models look great! But enough about that…it’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!! 156 total views, 26 views today

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Feb 28 2015

Could the Predator be in Mortal Kombat X?!

What’s up people? Devildriver1313 here to tell you about something that is sparking talk about the next Mortal Kombat title. Now we’re all excited about the upcoming Mortal Kombat X for PS4 and Xbox One and what characters are set for the game. Now it has been circulating around a while about the Predator being …

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Feb 28 2015

Interview with the AAA! (A**Hole Animator Association)

If you watch cartoons on Newgrounds or Youtube, chances are you’ve seen their work! Forrest hangs out with several members of the AAA, a group known widely on Youtube and Newgrounds for their animations, art, and parody cartoons. If you enjoyed this interview, please subscribe to our channel! More MAGfest 2015 Interviews coming soon! Check …

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Feb 28 2015

“Live Long and Prosper.” Remembering Leonard Nimoy.

Leonard Simon Nimoy was an American actor, film director, poet, singer and photographer. He began his career teaching acting classes in Hollywood and making minor film and television appearances through the 1950s. Nimoy starred in several television shows such as “Mission Impossible” (1969-71), hosted the documentary series “In Search Of…” (1976-82), narrated the science show …

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Feb 27 2015

Interview with StarStorm! AAA Interview Tomorrow!

Amanda Rudolph, stage name StarStorm, makes awesome video game remix & chiptune music, and she proved at MAGfest that she knows how to perform a killer set too! Check out the interview we did with her, as we discuss some of the 8 & 16-bit video games that have influenced her musical style. Keep making …

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Feb 26 2015

JonTron Interview Today, StarStorm Tomorrow!

Stay tuned! We’ll be releasing the rest of our interviews throughout the next week or two. 174 total views, 2 views today

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Feb 25 2015

Agent Carter Season 1 Finale Recap!!

SPOILERS AHEAD!! Peggy investigates the mass killing at the movie theatre. Daniel finds a canister containing an unknown substance that sprays him in the face. He attacks Thompson until he is knocked out by officers. Howard Stark arrives at SSR headquarters and provides information about the substance named Midnight Oil. Searching, the agents discover that …

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