Feb 11 2016

Deadpool SPOILER FREE Review!!

(No spoilers or Easter eggs were added during the creation of this review.) There’s super hero movies. And then there’s Deadpool. The Merc with the Mouth explodes on to the big screen in all his wise cracking, butt kicking, fourth wall breaking glory. 20th Century Fox has let us down with that terrible version of …

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Feb 10 2016

Cosplay Spotlight: Kadoshika

ENTER: Kadoshika 1. What is your cosplay name? Kadoshika 2. Where are you from? I’m originally from Bridgeton, NJ. 3. How long have you been cosplaying? I have been cosplaying for 12 years. 4. What is about cosplay that you like? There are many things that I like about cosplay. For me, personally, I simply love …

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Feb 08 2016

The End of an Era!! Game Trailers shuts down!!

After 13 years, the video game website Game Trailers will cease operation effective immediately. When the gaming market shifted from magazines to flashy trailers at the start of the new millennium, Game Trailers was the go-to spot for anything and all things games. Whenever a news dropped in the world of gaming, they were the …

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Feb 07 2016

Independence Day Resurgence SBL Trailer!!

They’re back!! The aliens look for revenge against the human race in the sequel to the 1996 film, which went on the be one of the Highest Grossing films of all time!! 174 total views, 6 views today

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Feb 07 2016

The Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl TV Spot looks GREAT!

A feud between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) leaves the Avengers in turmoil. Theatrical release: May 6, 2016 in the United States. Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl TV Spot. 354 total views, 10 views today

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Feb 07 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Super Bowl 50 Trailer!!

This is the trailer that premiered on the big game between the Panthers and Broncos!! I gotta say this looks awesome!! And check out who else is going to be in it!! 450 total views, 14 views today

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Feb 06 2016

Earth, Wind & Fire’s Maurice White produced the music for the Gatchaman anime?

Yes it’s true! Maurice White the founder of the world famous group Earth, Wind & Fire who passed away at the age of 74 (on Feb.5th 2016) was involved in anime in the 90s. Maurice White produced other albums outside of Earth, Wind & Fire, including the soundtrack to Tatsunoko Production Company’s Gatchaman OVA series. The music …

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Feb 05 2016

Gravity Rush Remastered Review!!

Developer(s): Project Siren (SCE Japan Studio), Bluepoint Games (PS4) Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment Platform(s): PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 Release date(s): PS Vita JP February 9, 2012 TW February 9, 2012 NA June 12, 2012 KOR June 12, 2012 EU June 13, 2012 PlayStation 4 JP December 10, 2015 NA February 2, 2016 EU February 5, …

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Feb 04 2016

The EDM Music CON-cert BOSS WAVE is offering FREE vendor tables!

FEBRUARY 27TH 2016 at District N9ne (460 N 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123) They are offering FREE vendors at BOSS WAVE! With hundreds of people coming out for music, gaming, and fun, why wouldn’t you take this opportunity? The SLOTS available are as followed: Daytime Tables (1pm – 8pm) All Day Tables (1pm – 2am) …

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Feb 02 2016

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens-The Game Announcement Trailer!!

Lego has blockified many franchises from Harry Potter to Jurassic Park, DC to Marvel! The building block company has also done nearly every Star Wars film so it’s no big surprise that they would tackle it again!! Traveller’s Tales, the UK company behind the Lego themed game, is ready to rewrite the story of a …

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