Sep 03 2015

Living in the Land of RPG Rap!!

Real world getting ya down? Wanna escape? Then live in the world of RPG! Teamheadkick belts another awesome rap for gamers!! Turn up the speakers and ENJOY!! RPG rap!! *CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE!! LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!!* MP3 Here:… THK on Facebook: THK on Twitter: THK Youtube: THK Soundcloud: 142 total …

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Sep 03 2015

Arcana X 2nd Assignment: Bitter Suites to Succubi Chapter 1 Pt. 3

“I see,” said Ecks. Elanohr had just told him about some other villagers whose children—all daughters—have not returned after making the journey to Tulpex. She had also mentioned some of the men talking about storming over to Tulpex and demanding their neighbors the return of their daughters. Elanohr and the other women affected by the …

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Sep 02 2015

Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade!! Chapter 1 Part 3!!

“So are you ready, runt?” Taito says. He places his bey Desert Rattler into his launcher and aims it at the Bey Stadium built into the ground. “To hand over your bey!” Yami Yugi follows suit, aiming his launcher as well. “I will not lose my Dark Magician to you!” he said sternly. Taito laughs …

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Sep 02 2015

Raiden slices into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

The cybernetic ninja from Metal Gear, who once went by the name “Jack the Ripper” in his early, is set show Wolverine just how he got that deadly name. Will his enhanced abilities be enough to help him stand against animal instincts of Logan?! Find out next week when these two go at in DEATH …

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Sep 01 2015

Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus Chapter 4

Guardian looks down as the dust cloud begins to settle. He dealt a devastating blow but he knows someone like Incubus will not let that stop him, especially if Incubus wants to kill him. “I know it’ll take a lot more than that to put this guy down and when he comes back he’ll probably …

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Aug 31 2015

Thanks for the screamories. Remembering Wes Craven.

If you were asked to name a horror director, your first thought may be Wes Craven. Over the course of four decades, he has given us some amazing horror films including “The Hills Have Eyes”, “Wishmaster”, “The Last House on the Left” and the popular “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise. In his early life, Wes …

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Aug 27 2015

SNIKT!! The Wolverine in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Healing factor. Adamantium claws. Berserker rage. These are the characteristics that make Wolverine the best at what he does. And what he does ain’t pretty. He has taken on some Marvel’s toughest heroes and villains including Thor and the Hulk. Will he be able to leave his mark in Metal Gear’s cyber ninja Raiden?! 214 total …

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Aug 26 2015

Calling all units!! Calling all units!! It’s a Cheesy Cartoons look at Police Academy: The Series!!

Alright J1 fans, grab some crackers and dip. It’s time for another serving of “Cheesy Cartoons.” Movies were a big deal back in the early days when Bill Cosby was still the all American dad and gas went for $1.29 a gallon. There were many films that produced popular characters most of them muscle bound …

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Aug 24 2015

Screw Attack’s One Minute Melee!! Naruto vs Luffy!!

Check it out as these wacky characters go at it!! Will Luffy D. Monkey be able to rubber neck his war around the antics of Konoha’s number one knucklehead ninja Naruto?! Two fighters!! No Research!! 60 seconds!! It’s time for MELEE!! 382 total views, 6 views today

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Aug 19 2015

A Crisis is in store for the Flash and Darhk-ness encroaches on Arrow!!

It’s your resident demon Devildriver1313 back again and taking a look at what’s happening in DC Nation. Season one of the Flash ended with a massive wormhole opening over Central City and Barry Allen speeding to stop it. How will the wormhole effect Season 2? Answer: Crisis of Infinite Earths. Yes, get ready to cross …

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