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5 Questions with… Graphic Novel Creator, Illustrator, and Writer John McClellan

1) On what project are you currently working? I’m currently working on Jonathan Fox book 2 “The Eye of Angola.” 2) Whom in your field do you admire most and why? The artists I admire most are Al Williamson and Paul Gulacy, mainly because of how they illustrate the human body and the amount of …

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“Blood & Fire” Review

“1563. Japan is in chaos. After centuries of rule, the central government has lost control, plunging the country into a bloody civil war. Anarchy reigns as warlords seek power and territory. Rivers run red with blood.” That is written on the first page of this issue, whose full name is “Blood & Fire: A Samurai …

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5 Questions with… Creator Christopher English

1) On what project are you currently working? I am currently working on “Realms” #4 which is scheduled to be released in December. “Realms” is an anthology science fiction and fantasy magazine in the vein of Heavy Metal that’s created with Midjourney. Also down the pipeline is “Steampunk City,” volume 1 also done with Midjourney. …

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“Tenoch: God of Fire” Review

Meet the new gods. Same as the old gods. Tenoch is the Aztec god of war and fire. Until the Aztecs were defeated by the Spaniards, he ruled their empire. That was then. Now, his powers lessened greatly by the fact practically no one believes in him, he is approached by the goddess of death …

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Look out for classic homage variant covers from Marvel Comics in January

Start the year off with a look back at iconic moments in Marvel Comics history with classic homage variant covers! These 25 stunning new covers see today’s most popular artists revisit some of the most beloved Marvel Comics covers, injecting them with a modern twist or simply paying tribute to their influential impact by depicting …

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5 Questions with… Comic Artist and Illustrator Myke Allen

1) On what project are you currently working? I’m currently working on a sci-fi concept called “Proxy Legend.” It’s a bit like “Quantum Leap” and “Freaky Friday” meets “Deep Space Nine.” A human scientist and an alien rebel accidentally change places across distant space. Both have to adjust to life in totally different worlds. 2) …

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“UnEarthed: A Demon’s Tale” Review

Demons and quests and magical swords, oh, my! “UnEarthed: A Demon’s Tale” has it all. This title is more than just a fantasy/coming-of-age story. It’s about survival and friendship and tenacity. One of the storylines involves Nina, a girl who wants to join a fighter’s guild alongside her best friend, Dwain, and her twin sister, …

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5 Questions with… Writer and Creator Edward Davis

1) On what project are you currently working? I am currently working on a few projects. “Immortal Era” is an ongoing series, so I am always working on it. We are just beginning art layouts for issue for issue 9. I am also writing for Luke Stone on the title “Juror 13.” He just released …

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“Immortal Era” Review

“May you live forever.” That line, a curse from Spartan Leonidas, as spoken to Ephialtes who betrayed Sparta by helping the Persians find a way of defeat them at Thermopylae. That curse resonates with people in the series Immortal Era, which is a story about a time 200 years in the future where no one …

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5 Questions with… Writer Doug Wagner

1) On what project are you currently working? That’s a loaded question for a writer. We’re typically working on several things at once, so hold on to something. Currently, I’m finishing up “Beware the Eye of Odin” with Tim Odland over at Image Comics. The final issue of that one hits stands in just two …

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