What is “Constantine’s” future on NBC?! Midseason Recap!!



Darkness is rising and there is only one man who can stop it. Whether he wants to or not. He is John Constantine, investigator of the paranormal and practitioner of the Black Arts. “Constantine” is based on DC’s “Hell Blazer” comic series. Unlike the other DC television series, John does not deal with a baddie each episode. Instead he gets cases revolving around the Rising Darkness, a dark prophecy said to bring Hell to Earth. Welsh actor Matt Ryan does an excellent job of bringing Constantine’s cynicism and deadpan snarking to the character as he is depicted in the comics. This leads to some interesting and entertaining bouts with the people he interacts with including those he (reluctantly at times) works with. But mostly John’s angst is directed towards the angel Manny who watches over him. He is the one who told Constantine about the Rising Darkness and that he has been given the task of stopping it. Joining him are the psychic Zed Martin and John’s closest friend Chas Chandler. In the Hellblazer comics, Zed met the British mage John Constantine in a London alleyway, and was instantly attracted to him. She brought John back to her apartment to show him her artwork. One of the sketches adorning Zed’s wall was that of Constantine himself, even though she had only just met him. This still plays out in the series with Angelica Celaya cast as an American version of this character. Chas is played by Charles Halford and like the comics, he is a survivalist. However, Chas is also shown to possess supernatural healing. The main antagonist thus far is voodoo king Papa Midnite where as in Hellblazer his disliking of John stems from a large sum of money John swindled him out of. The only familiar DC character to appear in the series so far is Jim Corrigan aka the first Spectre and Dr. Fate’s mask is shown in one episode. As of November 2014, NBC has halted production of Constantine, not ordering more episodes past the initial thirteen. This doesn’t leave much opportunity to introduce other characters from DC and Hellblazer; most notably Swamp Thing and Constantine’s relationship with female magician Zatanna Zatara. However, there is still the possibility of the series being renewed for a second season. Hopefully NBC realizes what an awesome show they have and give us more of the cynically sarcastic spellcasting con man with heart.