Want to learn Nunchucks? We’ve found you a Sensei

Hey everyone, Forrest here! In my time at J1 Studios, I’ve collaborated on game remixes, interviewed cool people, and lead the video production of our TV Commercials. Last year, I produced the Cosplay LED Flow Arts Performance, where I cosplayed as Prince Zuko at the J1-Con Music Fest.

CFAP - Cosplay Flow Arts Performance

Since 2011, I’ve been creating and drilling full body movement techniques with nunchucks.


In the Spring, I created a company, Chuck Arts, and began teaching at a local park and at Fusion Tumbling & Fitness. It’s amazing to see participants come back week after week, eager to learn more.


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Now, to keep my journey moving forward, I need your support. My goal is to be teaching weekly, at multiple gyms, and bringing communities of good people together to do something fun at a very affordable price. To make that happen, I need footage. Footage of a LARGE class of people!


A free class for everyone.

Fusion Intro to Nunchucks Free Class copy

Take a look at the action:

INTRO to NUNCHUCKS will be held Thursday, January 21st. 7:00 – 8:30 PM.
If you’re interested and you’d like more details, visit
the Thursday Classes Page.

Wait, last thing!

Got your own way that you like to perform? At Fusion Gym you are encouraged to jam out however you’d like at our post-class dance and flow party. Open Spin! held after my class from 8:30 – 9:00pm with lights and music.
Show me your moves!

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