Touching remarks from staff and fans of J1 Studios about 2013.


As the President and Founder of J1 Studios, I am super excited about what has transpired in 2013. Here s my list:

– J1 Con 2
– J1 Music Fest 
– Our dinner parties
– Otakon and the sellout of our merchandise, PLUS they played our music and gave shout-outs to us
– OC Remix featuring some of our remix music
– Comics (Mega Ran, Lime Rind, Silver and the Angel Savior collection)
– Novels
– The interviews we conducted
– Music we’ve made, and will make with all the amazing talent we’ve met
– Our awesome Cosplay Spotlights
– The Super Bounty j1 cosplay contest
– The C4 and Babylon cosplayers at J1-Con 2
– CEX and FYE sponsoring us
– The various comic book stores that supported us
– CAMCAMTV shooting our documentary
– TAKII and AZUMACON for helping us when we needed it
– Black Tribbles, ACMG and the MULTITUDE of groups for supporting and showing mad love
– 60,000 VIEWS a month!!



I asked some of the J1 Studios staff what they thought were key moments of 2013 for us, and here’s what was said…

“My two favorite J1 moments from 2013 are finishing the art for Lime Rind issue 2 and seeing all the fans come out for J1-Con. I had been working on issue 2 for three years so it’s a huge relief to finally have it done so I may focus on other J1 comic projects. And hanging out at J1 con was such a great time, I met a bunch of cool people and can’t wait to see us do it again.”

– Kate K Milo, creator of “Lime Rind”, & “Super Bounty J1: Secret Missions”


“I’ve always enjoyed being J1 Staff, knowing that we’re an indie group climbing toward worldwide recognition. After seeing 2013’s J1-Con 2, I now realize that we’re closer than I thought. I felt right at home in the Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament. The crowd of people behind each match yelling and cheering was so great! Seeing young and old alike come through the building, admire the vendors and partake in the cosplay contest was awesome to see. 
As a core member of the sound team, I am very impressed with what we accomplished this year. Releasing the Super Mario EDM album was exciting to say the least. With Dj CUTMAN collaborating on our songs, and our team developing some incredible material, I was very psyched about the album from its creation to its release. Plus, landing another hit on OC Remix was great too! At Otakon, one of the things I enjoyed most was standing at the vendor table with the speaker and mp3 player, playing off tunes from our albums for the con-goers. Seeing them light up with nostalgia in reaction to our remixes reminded me just how awesome what we do really is. It feels great to connect with the fans.”

– Forrest Shamlian, J1 Sound Team


“I remember when the events (back when they were simply referred to as ” anime events “) were held in the back of FYE. It had a small but very loyal following and was very well organized. These events would eventually become of part of J1 Studios and with the events, our following grew exponentially. What makes this particular thing my favorite moment of J1 Studios in 2013 was that I feel like we finally proved ourselves and earned the respect of the same people who didn’t believe in us before and that’s always a good feeling.”

– Najee Simmons, Event Staff 


“1. Getting paid to work at J1 Studios, because no one ever thought we would get there.
2. Winning a tournament at a J1 Studios event. I usually suck at our events, but held strong for once.
3. Getting sponsored. Other businesses are finally taking us seriously.”

– Chris Alexander, Event Coordinator, Sales


“The awesome times at J1-Con 2. Was exhausting working the whole time but was so much fun, and the heightened views of all the J1 posts; really exciting to see.”

– Danae Richardson, Journalist


“So I have 2 best moments for this year. The first one being Pipe Dreams, our 7th album. Having the chance to work with Dj CUTMAN was an awesome experience. The second was the exposure that the Sound Team got in general this year. From interviews with Daxavier Josiah and the A.C.M.G. crew to seeing two tracks become accepted into OCRemix, it helped make this an awesome year for the Sound Team. I believe that we had an awesome year overall.”

– Ray Riley, J1 Sound Team


“I think for me it would be working the door at J1-Con 2. I got to meet so many of J1 Studios’ fans. It was incredible. They were so passionate and excited for everything. They came out in the pouring down rain for us. That’s dedication. So maybe my favorite part was actually the fans and readers and site visitors. They are what makes J1 Studios so amazing. Without them we would just be a bunch of weirdos writing to each other on the internet. I’m excited for all of the old fans we kept, the new fans we acquired, and the ones that have yet to come in 2014.”

– Have Weber, Journalist


“I don’t have a favorite moment. 2013 with J1 Studios, it’s self is my answer. I can’t put one thing over any other. From the amount of growth we made, to just seeing the delight on people’s faces. I have mostly played a ghost persona with-in the company. I do this to get feed back on peoples real opinions of us and to this day I have never gotten a bad review. People tell me that just hearing that we will be having something or posting new original content (i.e. Pages of our comics, music, movie reviews, etc…) can change or brighten up their lives. We have cosplayers who would only be able to cosplay, like they love to do, only if they save for months at a time. People who now have a new place to go to cosplay. We have youth in Philly who can now see that it’s normal to love anime. We set an example to the youth that the drawing, music, game, etc… that some people tell them is stupid, can lead them to a better place if they practice and work hard. So when you ask what is my favorite moment from 2013, It would have to be the real impact we make in people’s lives and being able to say that I’m apart of something that helps to make a difference.”

– Andre Stanley Jr., Event Staff


“For me, the first best moment was being able to sell my novel at Otakan at the J1 table this year. I have also enjoyed writing the episode reviews for the site and getting into intriguing discussions with other fans be it on J1 Studios or at a show’s fan page where I share my review. But the big deal was the latest J1-Con we had. The fact that F.Y.E. showed up to support and sell stuff at our event was nothing short of awesome. Since joining J1, I have seen the growth that has happened and will continue to happen as long as we keep working hard at what we do to our fullest extent. Plus, the recognition with being associated with J1 Studios is also a perk. I have run into folk who know me because of J1 Studios and the fact that people know of us just as soon as I mention the name. Ran into the exchange students from Russia not too long ago, they knew who we are.”

– Brian Misher, Writer, Journalist


“My favorite moment is getting the opportunity to work with J1 Studios. They let me help get my recording skills up and meet a variety of new and old friends. As long as you guys will have me around I’d be more than happy to give you more favorite moments like the music fest.”

– Phil Gibbs, J1 Studios Streaming Crew


“Okay in my short time with J1 I’ve enjoyed the dinner parties the most. It help me get to know people in the group that I don’t get to see everyday. I also got to talk business and it put my ideas on paper and get more excited about my craft. The J1 music fest was a great way to show people what I got with my video editing skills and it turned out great I can’t wait to see what happens in 2014 with me and J1.”

– Lamar Thorpe, J1 Studios Streaming Crew


“Working with J1, meeting some great people and bringing my comic “Silver” to life for the first time. Getting the chance to meet J1 fans at our events and sharing my experience at J1 Studios with other people. Being apart of the J1 Studios family has changed my life and I love growing with the studio.”

– Melissa Barnhill, creator of “Silver”


“My favourite moment was probably going to my first staff meeting. As silly as it sounds, I got there early, and while it took me awhile to feel comfortable, suddenly I did. Like, I felt right at home and didn’t want to leave even though I had classwork and things to do. But it was great. just the feeling of a warm, familial environment was such a nice change from, like, everything. And while we may have our disputed and eyerolls, i still love all the guys I work with, however crazy. I realized then that this was gonna be a fun ride I’d managed to hop onto.”

– Sam A. Mendel, Assistant Editor



Now, I wanted to get words from a couple of our fans:


“You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.”

– Christopher Wanamaker, America’s Greatest Otaku


“My fave moment was the music fest. I met some awesome people that opened me up to new music! I had a great time! The con was amazing as well got some cool things there.”

– Don Keil


“I would have said J1-Con had the Music Fest not come by. The J1-Con was a great gathering of fandom. People who enjoyed everything in the world of Comic and Games.

However the J1 Studios Music Fest to me sparked me most due to the legion of great and inspirational artist together in one building. I’m not just talking about the great performers, I am talking about photographer’s, producers, cosplayers, graphic designers and more all in one place of refuse.

It was more of a Socrates cafe in a way and I think that was why I enjoyed it most.

A great year for J1 Studios and I look forward to much more in 2014. 


– Daxavier Josiah, of ACMG


“I really wish I had the chance to make that Music Fest, the concept seems cool for J1, since their target audience aren’t just lovers of comics and games, but movies music, media in general. I wanted to see what tricks you could pull off at that festival, hope to catch the next one.”

– Lonnie E. Mercado


“Favorite moment: Me winning Injustice at J1-Con.”

– Coung ‘Foo’ Do


What can I say, I am proud to have such beautiful fans, friends and staff. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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