The Revolution Ends?! S2 Finale Recap!!


Aaron succeeds in getting through to Pricilla and she is able to reclaim her body. In Willoughby, Miles evacuates the courthouse while Gene, Charlie and Monroe disable the mustard gas. President Davis uses the raid on the courthouse to wage war against California, placing the blame on Miles and Monroe. Later, Miles and Monroe learn of the impending war. Miles decides to kidnap President Davis. Elsewhere, Connor and Tom Neville plan to kill the president. They head for the trail leading to the train yard where they were supposed to intercept the president’s carriage when they hear gunshots in the distance. They find the bodies of several Patriots and an empty carriage. Miles and Monroe have already kidnapped President Davis and they attempt to escape with him when they are fired upon by Patriot soldiers. Miles has Monroe take Davis during the commotion. More Patriot soldiers bare down on the group forcing them to flee. Elsewhere, Connor finds Monroe and tries to convince him to kill the Davis in order to rebuild the republic. Monroe refuses, deciding to stick with Miles’ plan. Connor orders Neville to fire on his father. Monroe ducks inside the pump station where he has Davis. Connor and Neville follow afterward only to discover that Monroe has escaped with Davis. Monroe seals them inside. He meets up with Miles, Rachel and Charlie at a church. Rachel knows who Davis is and remembers him as a car sales man. Patriot burst into the church and place Miles, Rachel, Charlie and Monroe under arrest. Davis reveals his true intensions and then the soldier reveal themselves as Joe with resistance soldiers. Gene and the General of the Texas Rangers enter the room with Texas Rangers who take Davis away. With Davis out of the way, Texas begins a clean sweep of the Patriots residing in the Lone Star State. Meanwhile, Pricilla reveals a startling revelation to Aaron. The nanotech are searching for other who will not resist their calling. President Davis, Ed Truman and Tom Neville are also on that list. By the hundreds, people gather in Bradsbury, Idaho where the lights are on.

Monroe: Dammit, it's over, Miles. Miles: No, it can't end like this.

Monroe: Dammit, it’s over, Miles.
Miles: No, it can’t end like this.

It has all come down to this. This has been an excellent season and series but sadly, Revolution comes to an indefinite end. Miles and Monroe have stepped up to the plate as heroes. Though they butted heads along the way, they see taking down the Patriots as a way to begin a fresh start. Miles started out as not being the hero type when Revolution began in Fall 2012. He has come a long way since then and ends up exactly where he deserves to be—on the hero’s pedestal. Reluctant to Miles “holier than thou” attitude, Monroe eventually comes around but it wasn’t an easy road. After he flees with a captured President Davis, Connor finds him and tried to convince him to kill Davis and take the Eastern Seaboard. The deal sounds sweet. Monroe has the biggest opportunity to reclaim his glory, something that he wanted ever since he found his son and returned to Texas. The last time Monroe has been this conflicted was when Miles was trying to kill him. Monroe makes the choice of believing in Miles as Miles believes in him. It makes since. The only thing Monroe wanted more than the Republic is Miles’ trust. He realizes he made the right choice when he leads a group of Texas Rangers to a Patriot camp and watches with a smile as the Rangers gun them down. “Give it a shot” is what Charlie said to Miles’ relationship with her mother. After fighting it for so long, Miles has the opportunity to rekindle things with Rachel. Sadly that’s something we might not get to see or the results of Texas’ effort against the Patriots. My disappointment comes from the cancelation of the series with the finale setting up for a possible third season. It cannot end like this. Eric Kripke had better fight with NBC to return Revolution for a third season or, at the very least, have a TV movie in the works that will end the series properly. This series has become one of the unsung heroes that have generated an underground following of fans and the cancelation will bolster that growth and hopefully push NBC to gives Revolution what it deserves—a proper finale.

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