Guest Comic Review: Guardians Issue #0

Guardians Issue #0 Review by Elyse Morales

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Any new comic by an unknown artist is always an unnerving prospect. Will the art be bad? Will the story be questionable? Will there be gaping plot holes the size of Godzilla? I can safely say that Guardians shot down all of my fears, because it is fantastic. Guardians is an awesome comic by Black Magic Wolf Productions. I got my hands on its first issue (#0) and was pleasantly surprised by it.

Issue 0 is, as expected, a prologue. The prologue is in three parts: an official introduction to the basic storyline, as well as personal introductions to our main characters. In the first part, we are introduced to Delta City, a place of innovation, but also of intense crime. When crime in Delta reaches an all-time high, the citizens pray to their Maker for help. It’s then that the Guardians are born: two brothers sent by the Maker to protect the people of Delta. They are Element and Chaos and they possess great, but very differing powers. Element is buff, wears a suit that looks a bit like Optimus Prime, and can, of course, control the elements of fire, ice, and lightning. In contrast, Chaos is pale, brooding, and has the power to control dark energy. They are both, obviously, extremely powerful. However, there’s always a catch. The Guardians may have been gifted with extraordinary power, but the Maker forgot to give them extraordinary social skills. Element and Chaos don’t even know how to speak when the story begins.

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The second and third parts of the prologue are the inner monologues of Element and Chaos. In these parts we come to understand how they feel about the job they’ve been given and they have two very different views of it. Element strives to be understood by the people, he wants to have an emotional connection with them. On the other hand, Chaos sees protecting Delta’s citizens as his duty and, even though he respects them deeply, doesn’t want to connect with them. Element sees beauty in the city of Delta while Chaos sees potential. In this way they remind me of a Spock-Kirk relationship, as Element is very emotional and thinks with his heart while Chaos is very logical and thinks with his brain.

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 1.01.21 PM I thought this was a really interesting first issue. I enjoyed the layout of the prologue and it left me wanting more. While the first part helped to introduce the world and establish some backstory, the inner monologues of the Guardians in the last parts showed us their characters on a deeper level. The concept is interesting, too.I’m looking forward to a few things like finding out more about the Maker, discovering who the mysterious villain they hinted at is, and seeing how the Guardians learn to interact with the people of Delta. I also really enjoyed the art in the comic, it was bright and reminded me a little of the Marvel NOW! Young Avengers style. The characters themselves were really unique and I thought both their designs and their powers were interesting. I enjoyed Guardians and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cool new series to read.

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