Music Producers!! NI’s REAKTOR 5 – 70% OFF!

Normally, I wouldn’t make a post to promote a sale from a major music software company like Native Instruments. This sale, however, is pretty big news in my book. First off, It’s a HUGE price cut, from $399 to $99 (until May 28th). It’s also a pretty great product, depending of course on how you go about making music.

I received a copy of REAKTOR 5 with my purchase of the KOMPLETE 8 bundle a few years ago, and although I do not use it very much in my productions, I can see where many others may find it to be a gem.

Basically, REAKTOR is not just a single synthesizer or an effects plug-in, but a host program for thousands of professionally designed and user-created audio tools. It even allows you to build your own tools using its pre-made programming blocks, although it takes a certain amount of studying the manual to know what you’re doing when building from scratch.

I’d go on to say more, but a Mr. Brent Kallmer sums it up very well with his four minute youtube video below:

Personally, I enjoy using an included REAKTOR tool called STEAMPIPE 2, a physical-modeling synthesizer that effectively models air being blown through a tunable pipe. As well as doing an eerily good job of replicating a variety of different wind instruments, you can tweak the parameters on each preset to get some very strange and unique sounds.


Many of the other tools, however, feel more like a novelty. Not exactly useful for production, but fun to experiment with. I’m not saying that the majority of REAKTOR tools are boring or useless, but their displays are usually so complex that it would take me quite some time to understand the functions of each one. Personally, I’d rather stick with what I know. Here are some interfaces from other Reaktor tools. They certainly look cool!






SineBeats 2





 Those are just a few of the professionally designed tools that come with a purchase of Reaktor 5.
All of them and more are broken down and explained in the Reaktor 5 Instrument Guide, which you can download for free by clicking HERE

Also, check out the Reaktor user library! Users across the globe have created some amazing audio tools in the Reaktor engine and uploaded them for you to download for free.

Want to try it before you buy it? visit the Reaktor 5 page on the Native Instruments website to download a demo and the many corresponding manuals.

Have you tried Reaktor? What are your favorite tools to work with? Leave a comment below!

– Forrest S.

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