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Super Smash Bros: Male Wii Fit Trainer Appears!

It was already an Interesting decision from Sakurai to have the female Wii Fit trainer make an appearance in the latest Super Smash Bros, but now we get the male version too!? This screenshot appeared today on the site. It’s probably not an entirely new character. Perhaps it’s an alternate costume, an assist trophy, or …

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Super Smash Bros Image of the Day

“This game image was taken by director Masahiro Sakurai during development.” is the caption beneath every new game image uploaded to the Super Smash Bros Website. This particular image, uploaded today, gives us… hmm… mixed feelings.   Lets see what Masahiro Sakurai has to say about his in-game photography. Oooh Sakurai, you dog, you ;).  3,535 total …

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New Super Smash Bros Updates!

Here’s Luigi! Wasn’t hard to see that coming.. Nintendo continues to wow us with their funny and charismatic character facial expressions for the newest installment of the game Also, it’s been confirmed that Olimar will be able to pull purple and white pikmin as he did in Brawl. The question then is, will he be …

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Wii Fit Trainer Joins the Smash

No freaking way… as I went on the Official Super Smash Bros website to take another look at the amazing footage released today I came across an unusual sight…. What’s wrong with the below picture? “They’ve GOT to be pulling my leg.” But… I clicked on the pic, and was treated with the 3rd new …

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