New Super Smash Bros Updates!

Here’s Luigi! Wasn’t hard to see that coming..

Nintendo continues to wow us with their funny and charismatic character facial expressions for the newest installment of the game

Also, it’s been confirmed that Olimar will be able to pull purple and white pikmin as he did in Brawl. The question then is, will he be able to pull rock and flying pikmin like he does in the newest Pikmin 3?

But the coolest new update we’ve found was not released on the super smash bros official site, but by an independent youtube channel called “SmashCentralOfficial“.

They’ve been compiling footage of new super smash bros gameplay from multiple sources, including E3 footage,
screenshots and official videos, to bring you video breakdowns of each new characters moveset.. or at least, what they think it will be. They’re well made and interesting to watch.

Villager’s Moveset

Mega Man’s Moveset

Wii Fit Trainer’s Moveset

Thats all for now! Stay tuned for future updates!

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