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Universal Studios Japan reveals concept for Super Nintendo World!!

Universal Studios Japan has revealed the visual art for the Super Nintendo World area that is planned for opening in Spring 2020. The first phase of the new area based on popular Nintendo games will open with two feature attractions, “Super Mario Kart Ride” and “Yoshi’s Adventures.” Visitors to the attractions will receive a fully …

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Newest Remix Album ‘Pipe Dreams’ Releases Tomorrow!

‘Pipe Dreams’, the latest J1 Sound Team Remix album featuring Dj CUTMAN is about to go public! We’ve been releasing a new track weekly on our Youtube Channel for two weeks now, and tomorrow we’re giving you everything! You’ll be able to download the entire album from the Free Stuff Section of the site. For …

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Pipe Dreams: Super Mario Bros EDM Remix Album

That’s right y’all. Forrest Fire and Shinigami of the J1 Sound Team have conjured up yet another remix album! Mario fans get hype! This one is Super Mario Bros EDM! Featuring remixes from games such as Super Mario Bros, SMB 3, Super Mario World, and even Mario Kart 64, this album is sure to please all …

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