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Last Day to Pre-Register for J1-Con!

That’s right guys. Today is the last day to Pre-Register for J1-Con. Of course you’ll still be able to pay at the door, but if you’re a tournament gamer, a cosplayer, or someone who wants to save five dollars, you should pre-register today to avoid missing the beginning of an event while waiting in line …

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J1-Con – You Can STILL Purchase Tickets at the Door!

Yes, J1-Con pre-registration closes in two days. No, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to attend. If you do not pre-register for your badge within the next two days, good news, you can still come to the con! You’ll just have to buy your tickets at the door. It’s registration minus the “pre”. Good …

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Only 3 Days Left to Pre-Register for J1-Con!

Guys! When you’re getting your tickets online, don’t forget about the 21+ VIP option! Getting an autograph from our models and guests during the convention is going to be great, but actually getting to hang out and drink with them at the after party is another level of awesome! Save five dollars on a standard or …

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J1-Con Pre-Registration Closing in 5 Days

On September 1st at 12:00am, there will no longer be an option to buy your J1-Con tickets online. You’ll still be able to get your tickets at the door, but you’ll have to wait in line for a bit, and you might miss the opening of a panel, a tournament, or an event in the …

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