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Xeo Nexus Episode 1: Guardian Chapter 6!!

For the preceding chapters click here for Xeo Nexus Ep.1: Guardian – Ch.1, Ch.2&3, Ch.4, Ch.5!! Chapter 6 Once he is outside, Brayden runs toward Ryan Avenue.  As he is crossing the street, he sees a truck coming towards him fast.  The driver sees Brayden and honks the horn for him to move.  In an …

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Xeo Nexus Episode 1: Guardian Chapter 5!!

For the preceding chapters of Xeo Nexus, click the following: Chapter 1, Chapter 2&3, Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Soon the bus stops a couple blocks from Theodore Roosevelt High School.  Brayden exits the bus with the passengers giving him the same awe-inspiring looks they did after witnessing his marathon bus chase earlier.  The doors close …

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XeoNexus Episode 1: Guardian Chapter 2 & 3!!

For the preceding chapter, click here – XeoNexus Episode 1: Guardian Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Not very far from the field where Brayden is laying a car drives up to a pleasant looking suburban home.  It pulls into the driveway and the engine quietly shuts off.  The driver side door opens and a black umbrella …

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Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition announced – includes all DLC content!!

There is no doubt that Spider-Man is the best superhero game every made, not to mention the best Marvel based game overall and rightfully so. Insomniac hit on all points on what it takes to make a great superhero game and become an equal threat to Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series. Many have enjoyed the PS4 …

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A MARVEL-ous life! Remembering Stan Lee. A true super hero.

Friends. Today, we encounter something far worse than the Thanos finger snap, far worse than the death of Superman, far worse than the Fall of the Rebel Alliance. The greatest hero we have come to love, the Grandfather of Comics, Stan Lee has passed away. He was 95 years young. Stan Lee’s career began in …

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Leonardo DiCaprio takes aim at Robin Hood!!

Robin Hood is, perhaps, to most recognized, most popular, most featured fictional character of all time, appearing in dozens of films, plays, stories and television series. From his portrayal by Errol Flynn to an animated fox to the inspiration behind DC’s Green Arrow, the famed outlaw of Sherwood forest is remembered for his quest to …

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Defenders Episode 6 Chapter 4!!

In the Dark Realm, Jaquio is sitting on his throne with his loyal servant Zorick at his side. Incubus and Deveroux enter the throne room and kneel before Jaquio. “Lord Jaquio, you requested to see me,” said Incubus. “Incubus, what reason do you have for not answering my request immediately?” Jaquio said. “Forgive me, my …

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HERO! One Punch Man gets a second season!!

Saitama and the gang are coming back!! Earlier today, the cast of the popular anime series, theme song performers JAM Project and Japanese songstress Hiroko Moriguchi, reunited for the One Punch Man Fall Festival event where it was confirmed that a second season of the TV anime adaptation of ONE and Yusuke Murata’s web manga …

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Defenders Episode 4: Revelations Pt.3 Ch.7 & Ch.8 (pt.1)!!

Although a lot of people in Philadelphia watched Guardian’s romp with the ninja, there was someone else who was also watching but with great interest. This person viewed the confrontation on a large crystalline wall. Their eyes shone with curiosity and intrigue. A hand waves delicately across the image of Guardian, which fades away almost …

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Defenders Episode 4: Revelations Pt. 3 Ch. 5!!

Chapter 5 The ninja sprinted up diagonally across the tall office building with Guardian in hot pursuit. The black masked warrior flipped onto the building’s roof. After a short sprint, he leaps towards another building that’s slightly lower. Guardian uses this opportunity to dive down for an attack. The second his feet touch the roof, …

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