Defenders Episode 4: Revelations Pt. 3 Ch. 5!!


Chapter 5
The ninja sprinted up diagonally across the tall office building with Guardian in hot pursuit. The black masked warrior flipped onto the building’s roof. After a short sprint, he leaps towards another building that’s slightly lower. Guardian uses this opportunity to dive down for an attack. The second his feet touch the roof, the ninja flips into a twist narrowly avoiding Guardian’s driving fist. The ninja glides over his foe and over the side of the building.

“Blast! Almost had him,” Guardian says as he quickly alters his flight path and dives after the ninja. He catches up with the darkened clothed man after a short descent. They both land on a ledge that jolted out from the building. It ran around the building and was wide enough for them to stand on. From the street below, people looked up at their hero and the ninja. A commotion is starting as more people gathered to look at the confrontation. The people that exited the stores and restaurants along the street saw others with their eyes aimed upward. Curiously they turned their attention to what everyone else was gawking at.

Up on the ledge, the two dark clothed fighters cast an intense gaze at one another. Guardian rushes at the ninja and begins throwing punches. The ninja swayed his way around his flying fists. He was being driven backward as Guardian advanced, flinging his knuckles at him. After quickly dodging another punch, the ninja grabs his enemy’s outstretched arm and kicks Guardian in his chest. He then delivers two sharp blows to his face and drives his toes hard into his abdomen. The ninja quickly extracts the metal sticks from their sheath on his back and charges Guardian. Guardian manages to pull himself together and dodge a quick swipe. Unfortunately he’s unable to evade a jump kick that staggers him backward. The ninja sprints and rams one of his metallic weapons into Guardian’s gut. He follows up with a knee to his jaw and then three rapid sharp kicks to his gut, chest and face. The ninja delivers a powerful roundhouse that slams his adversary against the building. Another to the back of his neck topples Guardian off the ledge. As he’s falling, the trench-coated hero quickly takes out a whip and lashes it around a gargoyle statue attached to the building. Guardian swings himself to safety and hangs by the whip for a moment but his relief is short-lived.

The ninja appears out of nowhere and demolishes the statue with a single swipe of his stick. He makes a mad dash down the side of the building after his falling foe, clicks both rods together to form a staff and bashes him through the air. Guardian crashes through the window of an office building across the street. Employees dive out of their cubicles as the dark clothed hero smashes through them, completely destroying the cozy work spaces. Guardian slams against the debris that piled up behind him.

The office workers slowly come out of their hiding spots. They look at the man in the long trench coat that rested against the pile of monitors, keyboards and wood. He looked like puppet whose strings have been severed. A couple of male employees slowly step their way over the ruined remains of desks, chairs and office space. Guardian slowly pushes himself up as the two men approached. “Uh, Guardian? Are you alright?” one of them asked.

“Eaeh,” Guardian pulls himself to his feet. “Yeah, I’m good. Is everyone alright in here? Nobody hurt?” He was more concerned about the office workers than himself.

“Yeah. W-we’re fine,” the one office worker with the red tie said.

“Alright,” says Guardian, making his way to the window. Everyone watched the local hero as he passed by. He turns back toward the shocked and confused office employees and says, “Um, take the rest of the day off. My treat.” He flashes grin and leaps out the window. The employees watched as the trench-coated hero flew off around the building across from theirs.
The ninja continued to leap-frog across the roofs of buildings. It didn’t take long for Guardian to catch up with him. Sensing the local hero close behind him, the ninja quickly sprints across the roof of a restaurant and makes a big leap towards another tall office building.

“Now I gotcha,” Guardian said. He quickly changes his flight path and fires a bolt of lightning. The lightning bolt strikes the ninja in mid-air, propelling him rapidly to the ground. Several cars skid to a halt as the ninja slams onto the street. The ninja is slow at getting up. Guardian lands on the ground and dashes toward his foe. He rams a leather-clad fist into the ninja’s gut. A couple hard punches to the face send the black-clad warrior backpedaling. Guardian grabs hold of his staggering enemy by the form-fitting outfit and flings him through the air, slamming into a lamppost with a loud clang. Once again the ninja finds himself disoriented as he rises to his feet. Guardian doesn’t give him at chance as he rushes at the ninja. He pounds the dark-clothed man’s chest in with a couple hard-knuckle punches. An uppercut and two hook punches afterward, Guardian stomps his boot into the ninja’s body. He sends him down a flight of steps leading underground. The ninja slams onto the concrete surface and uses the momentum to roll backward. Once he’s on his feet, the dark warrior takes off sprinting down one of the passageways.

Guardian lands on the ground after leaping down the steps. He immediately spots the ninja just as his quick feet disappear around the corner. Guardian chases after him but, rather than go down the same passageway, he heads down the one opposite from it.

The few people that were in the other passageway sprang out of the way as the ninja sprinted along the wall. On here, he had freedom to move. He had clear running room as he rounded another corner. Suddenly, as soon as his feet touched, a door flies open thrusting the ninja across the narrow passageway. He slams into the opposite wall, caving it in and fracturing its surface. A couple moments later, Guardian steps through the door. He stands in the damaged doorway, gazing upon the ninja as he struggled to his feet. Then Guardian rushes the ninja and caves his covered face in with a hard right. He begins pummeling his enemy against the wall. Each punch echoed through the passageway with a thunderous rumble.
Tired of being pounded on like a drum, the ninja goes on the offensive. He manages to block Guardian’s fist and counter with an open fisted blow to his chest. He follows up twice more with this and delivers a powerful roundhouse that slams the urban cowboy against the opposite wall. With Guardian momentarily disoriented, the ninja shoots down the passageway in an attempt to escape. Guardian immediately willed himself steady and broke into a full sprint, chasing after the ninja.
Guardian wasn’t that far behind the ninja. His boots thudded loudly as he chased down his enemy whereas the fleeting ninja’s footsteps sounded more like rapid tapping. The ninja sensed his pursuer behind him and is aware of his presence. But what he doesn’t know is that Guardian knows this underground concourse. It is a way for people to get to different parts of Philadelphia’s public transportation system without having cross streets or avoid traffic. Guardian watched as the ninja made a sharp right down another passageway. A sly grin slides across his face. “Maybe I should’ve told him the gate at end of the tunnel is never open,” he said to himself. Guardian makes the same sharp turn.

This passageway is suspiciously devoid of people but the ninja paid it no attention. His goal is to get to an open area. “Guardian has too much of an advantage down here. I must get to a place where I can fight.” the ninja thought. Suddenly, something caught him by surprise. “What?!” He quickly puts on the brakes and stares wide eyed at a steel gate. A large chain wrapped around it and was held tight with a chunky lock. The ninja tried contemplate his escape but the sound of rapid thumping grabbed his attention. He whirled around to the thumping. Guardian charged the ninja like a ram and drove his shoulder into him just the same. Several loud clangs rang out as the gate and its big lock and chain were decimated as the ninja crashes through them. The people in the courtyard scatter when the ninja fell upon a marble bench, smashing it to pieces. Guardian walks into the courtyard, stepping over the ruined gate and links of chain that littered the ground. The ninja quickly springs to his feet as his opponent approached. His eyes narrowed though the opening of his mask. Then, like a bullet out of a gun, he dashes toward Guardian with amazing speed, drawing his weapons along the way. Guardian reflectively prepared for an attack.

The ninja charged with his metal sticks down at his sides. From here, he can easily bring them into action or quickly sheath them and go at it bare knuckled. His enemy took a defensive stance as he sprinted towards him.

Guardian is ready for the ninja to attack. His enemy’s weapons were drawn and he was rushing towards him. Then, unexpectedly, just before he was upon him, the ninja leapt over Guardian. His anticipated attack was a feint. The blackened warrior soars out of low courtyard. After landing on higher ground, the ninja rebounds up City Hall with a series of sharp kicks. “Man this guy’s really getting on my nerves,” Guardian said. He leaps into the air and flies after his roof hopping foe.

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