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Sony ending production of PS4, increasing production of PS5!!

What’s up, Gamers and Gamettes! Found out a little something for that might make you both a little sad and a little happy. Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that they will be ending production of all models of PlayStation 4 consoles except for one. They will no longer be making the PS4 Slim or 1TB …

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Sony keeps customers, retailers safe with online-only launch of PS5!!

Sony is going the extra mile to keep customers and retailers safe during the pandemic by launching online-only sales of the PlayStation 5 on November 12, or November 19 depending on where you live. The move is an effort to ensure the safety of customers, realters and staff. Pre-orders are still being honored and, in …

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Xbox Series X set for launch in November!!

What’s up, J1 Fans! So, after weeks of silence, Microsoft has finally dropped some info regarding their next generation console – the Xbox Series X. While it has been recently announced that Halo Infinite has been pushed back to 2021, the next generation Xbox has been given a greenlight release date in November. A list …

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Spider-Man, Just Cause 4 added to PlayStation NOW for April!!

Sony has given us the solution to the boredom of being hauled up in the house by adding Spider-Man, Just Cause 4 and Golf Club 2019 to PlayStation NOW. PS Now delivers unlimited access to a library of over 800 PS4, PS3, and PS2 games, all with one subscription. Stream directly to your PS4 or …

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The PlayStation 5 controller revealed! Does it succeed the Dual Shock 4?!

Last year, J-PlatPat posted concept designs for the PlayStation 5’s controller. The controller is intended to have a sleeker design than the PlayStation 4’s Dual Shock 4 controller. Today, Sony gives us a first look at the fully realized PlayStation 5 controller called “DualSense.” The DualSense controller is more streamlined than the Dual Shock 4. …

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Final Fantasy VII Remake final trailer looks absolutely stunning!!

Whoo!! Step back and douse yourself in water because things are heating up in this last trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Shinra is making serious moves against our heroes as the game delves deeper into the secrets of Midgar that the original Final Fantasy VII did not touch. Discover those secrets yourself when Final …

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John Wick Hex shoots his way onto the PS4 – game releases May 5

What’s up Gamers and Gamettes! DevilDriver1313 here with some awesome video game news. Good Shepherd Entertainment and Bithell, with Lionsgate Games, is bringing the action game John Wick Hex to the PlayStation 4. Originally released on Microsoft Windows and macOS, the game serves as a prequel to the John Wick films. Plot: Hex, an international …

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The load down on the PlayStation 5 – What we know thus far…

Recently Sony has been slowly revealing the specs of their newest addition to the PlayStation family – the PlayStation 5. And here’s what we know as of late. Will it be backwards capable? Yes. According to a recent PlayStation blog, the new system will be backwards capable, having the ability to play over 4,000 titles …

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Sony reveals PlayStation 5 logo and PSVR hits sales milestone!

Once again, Devildriver1313 is back to bring you more news in the world of gaming. Sony has revealed the logo for its ninth generation console, the PlayStation 5. Sticking with the “tried and true” formula of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, the logo is pretty much the same design they used for the …

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PlayStation 5 set to launch Holiday season 2020!!

After much secrecy and speculation, we finally get much needed info about Sony’s next gen console. Clearly, they use the “ain’t broke, don’t fix it” method by dubbing the new system PlayStation 5. WIRED broke the news about the console in April and nothing more has been said about it since then. In fact, Sony …

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