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Action movie stars face off in Epic Rap Battles of History!!

ERB is back, baby! This battle features action movie heroes facing in a no holds barred shoot out to see who the best of the best is!! It’s John Rambo vs John Wick vs John McClane in Epic Rap Battles of History!  250 total views

 250 total views

The internet redesigns the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller!!

The internet never ceases to be entertaining. Since its big reveal on Tuesday, Twitter users have been pumping out their own custom designs for the DualSense, the sleek futuristic looking controller for the PlayStation 5. The ideas range from interesting to awesome to down right silly. Looking at these designs, I would be happy if …

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Smasher creates interesting looking Captain Marvel trailer!!

If you know Smasher than you know they do concepts for movies that look like the real deal. Their latest project gives us a look at what a trailer for the upcoming Captain Marvel would look like. It’s an impressive trailer, capable of fooling anyone not paying attention. Check this out and see what you …

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Chuck Norris kicks into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Yes, they’re finally doing this! Chuck Norris is gonna be in a Death Battle! And he’s bringing all his roundhouse kicking antics with him! But does the strongest, beardiest, manliest man on earth have what it takes to defeat his opponent?  1,638 total views

 1,638 total views

Amazing Fan-Made Mega Evolutions!

Although Nintendo has only showed us a little more than 10 Mega Evolutions, people’s imaginations have been running wild! Here are some of the coolest, and/or funniest fake Mega Evolutions we could find on the net. Mega Snorlax by MTC-Studios Jynx Evolution by DevArt user Grimegan-BT Mega Gyarados by DevAr user darkheroic Mega Poliwrath by Devart User pokeluka …

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Fan Makes Super Bounty J1 Animation

  This storyboard animatic was done by Jon Sypher of the United States. Not much is known from this phenomenal artist besides that he made this as well as a super detailed submission to the J1 Studios Tribute Book Volume 2 (coming soon). Thanks Jon!  2,171 total views

 2,171 total views