The internet redesigns the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller!!

The internet never ceases to be entertaining. Since its big reveal on Tuesday, Twitter users have been pumping out their own custom designs for the DualSense, the sleek futuristic looking controller for the PlayStation 5. The ideas range from interesting to awesome to down right silly. Looking at these designs, I would be happy if any of them actually get the attention of Sony and make these come true. Below are some examples of people’s imaginations.

BossLogic gives the DualSense a Spider-Man inspired makeover. How dope is that?!

Boomer Puncher drops concepts for GTA IV and Overwatch 2

Now this is awesome! Cyperpunk 2077 inspired controller by Super Mario Faker!

Twitter user Dorm gives us his DualSense designs inspired by his favorite video game series. (I’ll take the God of War one)

And now we head into the silly portion of DualSense designs courtesy of VS Gamers and EstoEsOroChata.

But here’s the most awesome design of all!!