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With the convention being tomorrow, we want to use this post to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support! There’s truly no way we could have gotten this far without the continuous love, support and enthusiasm from you, our fans and followers. We look forward to meeting you tomorrow! See you then …

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2 #J1Con – Follow us on Twitter for Winning Raffle Numbers Throughout the Day!

IMPORTANT! – During the day on Sunday, we’ll be announcing the raffle winners via twitter! This means keep your smartphones & tablets charged if you and your friends are participating in the raffles! Here’s the link to the J1-Con twitter account! https://twitter.com/j1con Below are a few preview pictures of what we’ll be raffling off. Not shown below …

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3 #J1Con

Hand picked by our most knowledgable of anime fans, we will be showing three awesome movies of Japanese Origin! Battle Arena Toshinden will be presented in english, while Gatchaman and Lupin vs Conan will have english subtitles.  2,226 total views

 2,226 total views

4 #J1Con

The 21+ Afterparty is your chance to enjoy the music of DJ Tygermouth, to catch a cosplay burlesque show presented by The Ladies of Philly Burlesque, and to drink and party with all of the guests and vendors from the convention! Drinkin’ with Vic?? Whaaaaat!?!?  1,596 total views

 1,596 total views

5 #J1Con

Click HERE to watch the event space walkthrough. This is our BIGGEST convention yet. It’s like J1-Con ate a Mega Mushroom.  2,414 total views

 2,414 total views

6 #J1Con

Refer to the J1-Con Wall of Tournaments for the full list of gaming tournaments. For a full list of rules for each tournament, go the Gaming Page on the J1-Con website. And TAKE NOTE!! If you are planning to compete in a tournament, the sign-ups close at 1:00pm and we’ll get right into the action. …

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7 #J1Con

Here’s the link to the J1-Con 2014 Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/1444134792531786/ Also, if you’re a local cosplayer, join the fan-made cosplay meet up group! https://www.facebook.com/events/1424953271093089/  1,516 total views

 1,516 total views

8 #J1Con

The words in this GIF are true. Download your schedule HERE. You will not be able to do everything, so pick out the activities & events that interest you most!  1,454 total views

 1,454 total views

9 #J1Con

Oh we’ve got so many guests. Cosplayers, DJ’s, famous Youtubers and more. Many of them will have their own tables in the vendor room where you can take pictures with them and get autographs. Other guests will be doing panels. To name a few of our panelists, we’ll have Dj CUTMAN with a few members …

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10 Days Until J1-Con!

Yes, there are only 10 days left until J1-Con (Sept 14th). So far we’ve got a little over 40 exhibitors who will be selling goods in our massive vendor area. Whether you’re a gamer, an anime fan, a Game of Thrones fan or a Brony, you’ll find something that sizzles your bacon.   For the …

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