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200 pages of J1 Studios FAN ART from over 30 COUNTRIES for FREE to download!

After the success of the J1 Studios Tribute Book Volume 1 from 2011, we decided to try again. So the 1st volume was 50 pages with various art from around the globe, to (with Volume 2) being a 2012 fan art book that’s over 200 pages long with art from over 30 countries of their …

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Download the 1st J1 Studios Tribute Book, made by fans, for FREE!

Fans from all around the globe sent in fan art of their favorite J1 Studios characters to us and we decided to put together our first book. To our surprise we thought it would be about 10 pieces of work, but it turned into a 50 page book very fast! We had to show off …

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Page 3 of the webcomic, Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai is up!

Alright Alright Samurai Fans.  We know that while you love and adore Most Master Guardian and Daisy Shandelear but the real questions on everyone’s mind is “Where in Watif is Lime Rind?!?”  Well.  Look no further you loyal readers you.  Check it out here at J1studios. Click HERE to read it , or just go to the …

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Check out the Fantastic Four official teaser trailer!

After watching the trailer I have to admit I like the look of it, and how seriously they seem to be talking it. You can tell they are trying to ground it deeper into reality by giving it that darker “this is a science fiction movie” atmosphere. You have to admit, that’s the best looking …

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Guest Review: Autumn of Fates (novel)

Guest Review by Tymm Holland AND Edited by Elyse Morales  The second book in David McCrae’s Wanderlust Seasons series, Autumn of Fates, is a great continuation of an interesting series. I found the book to be well-written and compelling. For those of us craving for more interaction with the characters we loved from the first book, …

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Buy Lime Rind #2 and get never-before-seen pages of artwork for a low price!

It’s finally here, fans from the land of Watif! The second book of Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai is for sale and it will be so worth it! Not only are you supporting the artist with a few dollars, but you get to be part of the movement that hold copies of tangible indie work …

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The Black Tribbles 2014 Book Donation Drive

The Black Tribbles are collecting your used or new books, hardbacks, graphic novels, paperbacks for a monthly donation to Philadelphia schools and shelters struggling to maintain and update their libraries from dwindling resources. THE DRIVE CONTINUES FROM FEBRUARY THRU MAY 2014! Each month, starting in March, we will make a donation to a different Philadelphia …

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New Era G Review

Hey there, J1 fans. Interested in something new to read? Check out New Era G, created by Steiner Palomino. The story is like a modern day Dragon Ball, except if you removed the dragon balls, and replace them with the search for the O’Connor Super Armor. Although the anime influenced art style could use some …

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First look at The Legend of Korra Book 2 plus designs sheets!

The Legend of Korra creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko debut the first footage from Book 2 in this new promo. Check out this gallery!  12,419 total views,  2 views today

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Silver page 6…. Who are they?

Someone steps in to perhaps stop any further disturbing acts done by Lord Armel. Who is it? Go check out page 6 of Silver RIGHT HERE or Click on COMICS at the top to find it!  2,233 total views

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