Scream Queens will make you want to scream.

SCREAM QUEENSRyan Murphy you have done it again! You have made me think I’m going to fall in love with a show and then you push me to the point where I just throw my arms in the air and want to give up. This campy, over the top horror movie-esque television show is falling apart in it’s extensive character list, and its number of episodes.

SPOILERS BELOW!!! Read no further unless you want to be spoiled!

This show is centered around the two mysteries of who is the Red Devil killer, and who is the bathtub baby. Now that we are most of the way through the season we have learned there are two killers, two bathtub babies, and that they are the same people. We finally learned for certain in Tuesday’s episode that Nick Jonas is one of the killers and the boy baby, of the boy and girl bathtub babies. Well, he’s dead now. So we really shouldn’t be too attached to him. So now the main mystery is who is the other killer/girl bathtub baby, and why is she still so attached to Gigi (who is played so brilliantly by Nasim Pedrad).

We are following around the members of Kappa Kappa Tau and watching the new pledges, and others we could care less about, get picked off one by one. KKT president, Chanel (Emma Roberts), is more concerned with keeping her philandering boyfriend, Chad Radwell, than actually staying alive. New pledge, Grace (Skylar Samuels), swears she is the bathtub baby and is doing some investigative work to find out who the killer is and who the baby is. Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) was involved in the bathtub baby incident in 1995 and is doing everything in her power to disassociate the killings from the campus. We have a troop of Chanels (Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd) who follow around Chanel and pretty much do her bidding, no matter how horrible she is to them. We also have the genius comic stylings of Niecy Nash playing Secure Enforcement Solutions security officer. I mean, I could go on and on telling who everyone is and how they died, but really it’s just not worth it.

I love how this show is supposed to be campy and ridiculous and it embraces it to the max. I know that it takes every ridiculous horror movie stereotype and multiplies it by 100. But where this falls short is that once you start to question one thing, you find yourself questioning everything. Then you are left disillusioned. I guess I should have figured this would happen since it is a Ryan Murphy production. He is so good at taking a great idea and then over-thinking it, over-crowding it, and not checking to make sure everything links up along the way to the final pay off. We have three episodes left and I really feel like we could end it next week and just let it be done. I don’t know how this show can carry a second season. Will it be the same people? It can’t. What mystery could there really be going forward? Will it be a whole new cast of characters in the same or different location? I just don’t know.

I suppose we will have to wait and see what Ryan Murphy can pull out in these next three episodes. Maybe some deaths of people we are supposed to care about. In any good horror movie we have the first part that sets up the point of the movie. The second part is a slew of killings and misdirection in who the killer really is. The last part is killing off those we thought were the killer and ending with the big reveal. This reveal better be big, or the viewers will be left wanting, as they often are when it comes to Mr. Murphy.

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