A God is coming!! Sleepy Hollow S3 Ep.8 Recap!!


Is this end of Abbie Mills? Or will she return as the destroyer as prophesied?

Is this end of Abbie Mills? Or will she return as the destroyer as prophesied?

Crane, Abbie and Joe enter the woods in search of Jenny who is with Pandora and Amun. They hear her scream and rush to Jenny just before she disappears along with Pandora and Amun in a flash of light. Crane, Abbie and Joe learn they are facing a Deity. Looking at the drawings Jenny made in the Masonic cell, Crane spots the Eye of Providence among them. Crane knows the location of a Masonic book. They head to a college frat house and retrieve the book. Crane recalls a staff that Paul Revere had in which the Eye was contained. He draws a picture of the casing he saw Revere crafting which is the same casing Nevins had. Abbie returns to the FBI to get the casing when Agent Foster tells her that Nevins wants to speak to her. Abbie and Sophie head to the van where Nevins is in. The find several dead agents, a pool of blood in the van and Nevins missing. Reynolds calls Abbie into his office to discuss Jenny’s involvement with Nevins. He demands to know about Abbie and Crane’s investigation of Nevins but Abbie hands over her badge and gun. Abbie rejoins Crane and Joe to hand them weapons she took from the FBI and then they go to Pandora’s temple where they find on an altar with Pandora and Amun. Crane keeps Pandora occupied by attempting to use her box while Abbie deals with Amun. During the fight, Joe Corbin enters the temple and distracts Amun giving Abbie the chance to use the casing to remove the Eye of Providence from Jenny. She succeeds but the Eye is ready to detonate. The Divine Tree opens and Abbie takes the Eye into the tree just before it explodes, destroying the tree, Pandora’s box and Abbie.

Peter Mensah portrays Amun the Hidden One. He was the Persian Messenger in "300", Oenomaus in "Spartacus" and Sgt. Zach Hammond in EA game "Dead Space"

Peter Mensah portrays Amun the Hidden One. He was the Persian Messenger in “300”, Oenomaus in “Spartacus” and Sgt. Zach Hammond in EA game “Dead Space”

Here we are, the Fall finale. There was a lot at play in this episode and one major change that is shocking. Pandora has summoned her husband an ancient Egyptian God called Amun the Hidden One with the intention of creating a new world because we puny mortals have made a wreck of it. Crane and Abbie stand against this new threat and learn a little something about money. Found on the back of a one-dollar bill is a pyramid with an eye in it. That is the Eye of Providence, commonly referred to as the “eye of God watching over humanity.” There have been several depictions in various religions but since this is the Founding Father we’re talking about, let’s look at it from a Masonry stand point. The Freemasons view to Eye as the all-seeing eye of God and is a reminder that a Mason’s thoughts and deeds are always observed by God (who is referred to in Masonry as the Great Architect of the Universe). The Freemasons have long denied any connection to the Great Seal of the United States. I like how this was incorporated into the series, shedding even more light on what went on behind the scenes of the creation of this country.

I had a suspicion that Daniel Reynolds isn’t whom he seems to be and he knows more about the supernatural and the mythical than he is showing. Just after Abbie turned in her badge and gun, Reynolds calls a man to let him know that they “lost the person they were cultivating.” This suggests that Reynolds was grooming Abbie for something other than the FBI and he may likely be aware of Abbie’s destiny as a Witness. There is also the possibility that he may’ve known about the shard. Hopefully, Reynolds will come clean. The episode closed with a shocking ending. Abbie Mills, after removing the Eye of Providence from her sister Jenny, enters the Divine Tree where it explodes, resulting in her possible death. The episode closes with a distraught Crane overlooking the remains of the Divine Tree and saying “Abbie”. It was nice to finally hear him refer to Abbie by her name rather than “Leftenant”. But I wish it wasn’t at a sad moment such as this one. On the other hand, there is a chance that Abbie is alive. Remember, the Divine Tree is a portal to the underworld so who’s to say that Abbie isn’t staring Cerberus in its faces right now. Sleepy Hollow has shown over the last three season that anything is possible. We will see those possibilities when the series returns in February.

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