Parental Instincts!! Revolution S1 Ep17 Recap!!


Nora wakes up the next morning in Miles’ bed. She has regrets, feeling that she can’t allow herself to get close to him. Meanwhile, Neville and Jason still have issues to iron out. Neville demands that his son finish the job of killing him. Jason refuses and walks away. Charlie goes to console him when a plane suddenly flies overhead. She give warning just as missiles are launched that destroy the base. In a flashback, Rachel arrives in Philadelphia where she meets Miles. Elsewhere, she tells Aaron that she has nanites that can repair her leg. That is, if it works. At the destroyed base, Miles orders a soldier to get survivors to the boats. He, Nora and Neville begin their search for Charlie and Jason who are trapped in a collapsed building.

In Philadelphia, Monroe receives a report about the attack on the base. He is only interested in if Miles met his demise. His captain invites him out for a drink and as soon as Monroe leaves, he is attacked by a sniper. Aaron succeeds in programming the nanites to repair Rachel’s leg at the cost of exposure. Jason is soon found by his father, Nora and Miles. He tells Miles that Charlie was inside the lookout tower when is collapsed, trapping her inside. Rachel and Miles’ dark past is revealed where Rachel tells Miles that she cannot turn the power back on. Rachel and Aaron are taken to a house where a boy has been injured. The father asks to help him. Rachel offers to help.

Following the failed assassination, Monroe suspects that Jeremy set him up. Jeremy dishes out harsh words, suggesting that it was Monroe’s paranoia that made Neville and Miles leave. He now sees just how unglued Monroe has become. The militia leader takes this to heart and leaves his office just before Jeremy is killed. Miles and Nora search for Charlie amongst the rubble when they are pinned down by militia soldiers. Seeing no way to reach Charlie, Nora suggests they cut their losses. Miles refuses to leave his niece. Nora decides to distract their enemies giving Miles a chance to rescue Charlie. However, that won’t be necessary as Charlie has freed herself from the rubble and runs past Miles with soldiers in pursuit. Rachel shows just how far she is willing to go to get revenge on Monroe for killing Danny. Miles soon finds Charlie and rescues her from a soldier. They set out to find Nora. Monroe is informed that the sniper—a Georgian soldier—has been caught. In Atlanta, Jason and Charlie are getting closer which displeases Neville. The search for Nora comes up empty. With the recent attack and massive hit to her army, Georgia President Foster is looking toward surrendering to Monroe, who has Nora brought before him.

A mother’s job is to protect her children. She cares and nurtures them. And when she loses one, she mourns them. But when you take one of them, watch out. Rachel is still angry at the loss of her son Danny in the climax of the spring return of “Revolution.” She is mad as hell and she is not going to take it anymore. At first, we thought Rachel was out to restore power for the good of all but that is not the case. She wants to restore the power so, as she said to Aaron, “the people fighting Bass Monroe will have the power to wipe him of the face of the Earth.” Roawr, this kitty’s got claws and she wants to sink them in Monroe. And nothing is going to stop her—except her faithful companion Aaron. Aaron is not one for revenge. He is awed by the fact that Rachel’s revenge against Monroe is so strong that she is unwilling to help a father whose son was severely injured. The vial Rachel took out of Danny’s body contained nanites that healed his lungs and kept him alive. She used them to repair her broken leg. However she will not use them to save a boy’s life. Aaron can’t help but be objective—and worried. Hopefully, Rachel isn’t going to let her quest for vengeance cloud her better judgment.

A father’s job is to guide his son. But when you have a father like Tom Neville, guidance isn’t exactly…well, there is no guidance. Jason has been beaten down by his father and is afraid of what he has become. He left the Monroe militia to join the Rebels in an effort to get out from under his tyranny. That mission came to failure when Tom was appointed general of the Georgia Army by President Foster. Jason resents his father enough to leave him to fend for himself last episode. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with Neville as he plants a gun in his son’s hand and tells him to finish the job. Jason may hate his dad, but not enough to kill him. He just doesn’t want him around. Shockingly, Tom cares about his son. When the Rebel base is destroyed by an airstrike, he becomes concerned for Jason who could be injured or dead. Guess for him, pretending your son is dead is totally different than him actually being dead. As his father, Tom cannot leave his son alone no matter how disappointed he feels in him. What surprised me was Tom opening up slightly about his actions when he was general of Monroe’s militia when finds Jason in bad shape. Then he hauls his son—the same son whom he presumably disowned not too long ago—to safety. He even protects him from militia soldiers and takes a bullet in the process. Maybe Tom Neville might come around. Then again, he did give the evil eye when he catches Jason and Charlie together. Somehow, I believe he might have a slight problem with his son being with a girl who wants to kill him.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love it when the bad guy begins to unravel. Monroe is now in a state of paranoia. He doesn’t trust anyone; not even those closest to him. Jeremy, his captain, invites him out to celebrate the success of dealing a worthy blow to the Rebel-Georgia alliance. As soon as he gets outside, a sniper opens fires. Monroe’s got human body shields. Jeremy had no one which bothers Monroe. He immediately suspects Jeremy of setting him up for the assassination attempt and has him executed in his office. Later, the real sniper—a Georgian soldier—is captured making Monroe feel like a real heel for basically killing an innocent man. After seeing this, Monroe is turning out to be like Joseph Stalin. If you know your history, Stalin was in constant fear of being assassinated so he had his men surgically altered to resemble him. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is suddenly Monroe doubles popping up everywhere.

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