New VG Inspired album by StarStorm ft. GameChops!

Today we are honoring a new member of the VG Remix & Chiptune music community for the awesome new album that she’s just released. Ladies and gents, give it up for a young female producer by the name of StarStorm!


Only a few days ago, StarStorm dropped her debut album on her Bandcamp page and we are seriously impressed with the way she approaches sound.

Gamer Good Times StarStorm

Gamer Good Times is a nostalgic blend of SNES, NES, and Gameboy tunes, creatively powered up with heavy house beats and intricate groove-based effects. With musical references to Yoshi’s Island, Mega Man 9, Maniac Mansion, Earthbound, and Pokemon Pinball this album is just as fun to listen to as it is danceable!

Also, props to RoBKTA of GameChops for lending his skills in mastering, and for putting in production work on tracks 7 & 8!

You can preview the eight songs of Gamer Good Times below

We got in touch with StarStorm and asked her about plans for future albums:

“I have a ton of remixes on my to do list and I hope to have it released before MAG. It will be called ‘Mind Games’, and I’m sure there will be more collabs for that too hehe. The first remix I want to finish for this one will be from Monster Party, and I plan on making more from Maniac Mansion, Metal Storm, The Adventures of Dizzy, and other old school games. I’d like to do Spyro too lol”

“Mind Games”. That is the COOLEST name for a VG Remix album! Why has no one done that!? We can’t to hear it!

J1 family, make sure to check out the album Gamer Good Times, and download it for just $1! Show that support!


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