Demon Seed!! Sleepy Hollow S2 Ep.7 Recap!!



Katrina has a nightmare about her and Crane. Henry Parrish arrives at the cabin to take Katrina under Moloch’s orders. Abraham tries to stop them. Henry exposes Abraham to the sun, weakening him. Katrina escapes during the commotion and runs to a gas station. Crane and Abbie are told by officers about Katrina being taken to the hospital while they were voting. Crane and Abbie rush to the hospital and take Katrina from the hospital. The two men who were with Henry arrive at the hospital. Abbie distracts them while Crane and Katrina make it back to the archives. There, Katrina and Crane learn about a group called the Brimstone Society. Abbie arrives at the archives later with pictures of the place where she followed the men. Looking at the pictures, Crane skims through the notebook once more. He discovers that Katrina has been impregnated by Henry. Henry’s men find them at the archives. Crane, Abbie and Katrina escape through the tunnels to the old church St. Henry’s Parish. Katrina hopes that Henry will remove the demon from in her but Crane believes otherwise. Crane, with Irving’s help, talks with Henry who reveals to him the awful truth—a truth Abbie and Katrina discover together—the demon inside Katrina is the First Harold King Moloch. Crane tries to reason with Henry to no avail. Defeated, Crane returns to the church. He loses hope of saving Katrina until she inspires him. Abbie shows Crane a picture she took of the stone tablet. Crane notices a light in the photo and recalls how much Benjamin Franklin obsessed over the Aurora Borealis. They find information about Franklin’s theory behind the phenomenon along with a way to save Katrina. Abbie and Crane then head to the sheriff station to tell Sheriff Reyes about what is happening in Sleepy Hollow.


Nothing is stronger that a mother’s love. Except maybe her child’s hatred. Katrina’s faith in her son is tested immensely when she learns that she has been made into a vessel for the demon Moloch. It is natural for a mother to side with her child regardless of what they have done. But what is a mother to do when he wants to raise hell on earth? Katrina looks to Crane for hope that he hasn’t given up on their son Jeremy. He hasn’t but he cannot deny the fact that it may too late to truly save Jeremy. When Crane confronted Jeremy, there was a small glimmer of hope that Jeremy isn’t too far gone just yet. Jeremy/Henry Parrish showed a sign that there is still some part of him that remains human as Crane pleaded with him. But Jeremy sides with Moloch and completely crushes the hope. However, Crane will not give up on his son. But there is someone else who just might return to his aid—his old friend Abraham. Abraham truly loves Katrina and doesn’t want to see her harmed. He stands against Henry when Katrina is taken by him. This is not the first time Abraham has opposed both Henry and Moloch and he will continue to do so as long as they keep playing with Katrina’s life. I wonder how long it’ll be before Crane puts on the magic pendant and speaks to Abraham face to face.

The faith Crane has in Katrina seems to be wavering. Ever since she dropped the bomb about what happened to Mary Wells, he has had a hard time fully trusting his wife and still believes she is keeping more secrets from him. When it was revealed that Katrina is pregnant, Crane immediately suspects Katrina has deceived him again before he learns the truth. He is suspicious again when Katrina tells him about the necklace that allows her to speak with Abraham, nearly interrogating her about the conversation she has had with him. Nearly losing Katrina makes Crane realize how close he came to losing the one person he truly loves. However, I don’t feel that the tension between them has been fully quelled just yet.

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